The Living Beautifully Journal- Day One!

Almost a year ago I started writing out a journal program to help others think differently and reframe their days to be ones of excitement and joy, instead of obligation and worry.

As I began coaching two women this past month, I went back into my notes to find my original journal prompts.

How did this all start, anyway?

Inspired by Wayne Dyer while reading in Harvard Yard, I quickly put his book down that September day and started taking notes on what helped me think more positively. Your thoughts turn into actions, and your actions turn into habits- and nearly 11 months later, my entire life and thought process has changed 10-fold.

Although I was doing well last September, I was nowhere near where I wanted to be. By journaling and setting goals for myself, I was able to self-coach and use the tools I had learned from self-help books, coaching, therapy, DBT classes. and yes, even 12-step meetings.

I don’t believe there is any one way to enrich your life and gain a spiritual foundation. For me, it has been writing, connecting with source, and working with others.

So, I decided to share my first week of journal prompts in hope that you follow along and benefit from writing, like I have. It has truly been amazing to go back and see how far I have come since September, and even December 2016 when I first arrived in Massachusetts.

For Day One, I want you to truly think about 20 things you like about yourself. It broke my heart to hear that this was a challenge for some of my friends. However, with a little help, I was able to remind them of all their beautiful traits, talents, and gifts they have to share with the world.

So, I hope you get out a fresh notebook, pen, and follow along! I will also be posting these on my Mindful in Style Facebook page in case you would like to comment with your journal answers and connect with others.

Live beautifully, my friends!

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“We Don’t Have to Agree On Anything to Be Kind to One Another”

Right when I needed it, I received the perfect comment on a post from earlier today.  A dear friend- the friend who was right there for me every step of the way during my dark period in October 2016 (right before I came to Boston)- said:

“Ask yourself, ‘what would love do?’ Then do that.”

Ah, yes.  Another perfect message at the perfect time.

This reminds me of “turning the other cheek.”  Having compassion- even when others have hurt or wronged you- is one of the first steps to true freedom.  Sure, sometimes it feels good to hold onto bitterness, anger, or resentment- but who is that really hurting?

When you can act with love, your entire life turns around.  I’m not saying the other party will reciprocate the same kindness, but that doesn’t matter.  This is about setting you free.

However, I am confident that person will remember your kindness.

And maybe, just maybe, they will even follow your example one day. 💞

for maddie 💞

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Gossip: It’s Low Vibe Energy

It’s so easy to take things personally, isn’t it?

It has taken me years- and I mean years- to realize that gossip isn’t about me at all; cruel words, secret giggles, and lies are reflections of those speaking them.

A wise person once said “when you point the finger, you’re pointing three back at yourself,” or something along those lines. Although I’ve been fortunate to surround myself with high vibe people, it’s not to say I didn’t spend a large portion of my life not knowing the difference between people with good and bad intentions.

I used to listen to the mean words and think it was my fault. I listened to everything on the outside and ignored the true feelings in my heart. These days, I finally know better.

Gossip is nothing but low vibe energy to keep other people down and drag others to their level. You have the chance to rise above it! Trust me, it takes practice, but tuning out those negative messages is completely possible- and once you do, life is so much more peaceful.

Keep doing you. The right people will come your way.

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