New Beginnings, New Year

This morning I got to work early to move to a coveted window spot.  I cleaned the desk, arranged my things, color-coordinated my pen container, and added my own personal touch.  Looking out the floor-to-ceiling window overlooking downtown Boston, I smiled.

“Oh, what a year,” I thought.

Lately I’ve had many big changes in my life- from a new job to a new home, this is only the beginning.  Every change is an amazing manifestations of the work I’ve put in- and this time, it’s not just luck.  It’s thanks to the solid internal foundation I’ve built for myself.

Each New Year I create a vision board to picture how I want my upcoming year to look. However, this year I’m not just wishing- I’m putting in the action.  From writing to spending more time focusing on self-care, I have put in the steps to become a happier, healthier me each and every day.

Working on yourself is a never-ending process, but with each step you take, you’ll begin to enjoy your journey more than ever.  I know I have.

Here’s to 2019!

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Taking 2018’s Lessons into the New Year


It’s hard to believe 2018 is coming to an end.  It has been a difficult yet productive year, full of life lessons, growth, and learning to deal with situations I never knew how to handle.

Needless to say, I’m extremely grateful for everything I’ve been through this year. 

I did a little exercise this morning to visualize what my life would be like in two years.  I thought about all of the things I enjoy today- strolls through the park, simple Saturdays in the sunshine, coffee mornings, and people watching along Charles Street.  I thought about what gives me purpose, passion, and peace, and how I want those passions to manifest through my work and my writing.

Most importantly, I thought about how I want to feel.

Each and every day I’m taking steps to make my goals and dreams a reality. From writing to working with others, I know the lessons I’ve learned in 2018 will take me into the New Year.  2018 began much differently than it is ending- and the real change is what’s on the inside.

I began by writing a letter to my future self, describing all of the things that already bring me joy.  I thought about where I want to be mentally, where I want to live, and what I would want to be doing.  I wrote about healthy friendships, finding a partner, and doing work that I love.  However, the biggest takeaway was this:

I will continue to love myself.

I ended my letter like this:

“It took a lot of hard work, reflection, and self care to get where you are today, but you have also learned you’re worth it.  You will never have to take life for granted again.

Life is so much more beautiful through a clear lens, full of purpose and passion.

Love, 2018 Kristin”

So, kick back, get out a notebook, and start visualizing your own future.  The sky is the limit, and remember: the only person who could ever hold you back from your best life is you. 

I hope you have a beautiful end of 2018.

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Self Worth Before Anything

Yesterday I was thinking about long-lasting change.

In a world where nothing seems to stay the same, what’s our constant? What can we always count on when everything else falls apart?

Then, the answer was clear: ourselves.

If we don’t love who we are and the path we are going, what is the meaning of life? How can we find joy in the simple things, and why would we keep going?

I’ve learned to take my power back over the years and stop letting outside factors determine my worth, my happiness, and my success. I’ve taken a long, deep look at who I am and discovered something pretty cool: I wouldn’t let anyone else tell me what I am today.

Before anything else, today I choose self worth.

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