A Beautiful Weekend

It’s wonderful when a seemingly average weekend can be just as magical as one that is packed with events and activities.  Feeling grateful with a happy heart.

“I smile because I’m free from letting the outside world determine my internal condition.”


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I’m With Her

Lately I have been thinking about male and female dynamics

You’d be surprised by the number of women I’ve become friends with because either 1) their boyfriend was a creep and they looked me up on the internet, read what I had to say, and realized I’m on their side or 2) they dated an ex of mine.

The other day I noticed a somewhat familiar face viewing my Instagram stories.  At first I didn’t think anything of it, but then I remembered- she was dating a guy who had been trying to talk to me on Facebook.

Back in December, said guy sent me a message after I accepted his friend request- we had mutual connections, but I couldn’t remember meeting him.  He wished me a happy birthday at random and then dove right in to talking about life and spirituality.  It caught me a little off guard, yet seemed harmless.

But dude had a girlfriend.

I called him out on this after saying I wasn’t interested in getting coffee or making new friends.  For some strange reason, this guy acted like his kindness permitted him to continue talking to me.  It was irritating to the point where I wrote this post– it was the icing on the cake after several personal experiences.

I was also in an antisocial period of my life and didn’t feel like confiding in new people- let alone a man who was creepily sending messages to strangers when he had a woman in his life.  I don’t have time for that shit.

Long story short, I referenced “not wanting anyone’s man” on my Instagram story, and when I woke up today I had a new message.

It was from her.

She wasn’t defensive or upset- she told me she laughed out loud at my story and was no longer dating the “creepy guy.”  She said me she loved my posts, so I responded with a laughing face, a smile, and a thank you.

Men may think they can pull women apart, but they’re wrong.  It’s only an illusion that we are in competition- that’s within our own minds.

We are even stronger together, so don’t be a stereotype. 👯

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Singing Down the Street

I wish the naysayers of the world knew their criticism was a compliment.  If it takes that much effort to say or think something, I’m flattered to be taking up space in your brain.

This crossed my mind as I took a shower this morning, thinking about everyday interactions.  From being friendly to strangers at the store to singing as I walk down the street, I have realized how short life is- and how important it is to make each day count.

As I have become more and more mindful, I try my best to live beautifully each and every day- and that means appreciating the simple things, soaking in the beauty around, and making the most out of routine activities.  Today, for example, I’m sitting in the lobby at the RMV to (finally) get my Massachusetts ID- instead of dreading this ordinarily event, I brought my computer, planned lunch nearby, and took the day off to enjoy Boston for the afternoon.

Believe me, it’s possible to even make the RMV fun.

Life can be really awesome if you allow it to be.

However, we are constantly surrounded by unhappy people.  I understand it- life is complicated.  Life gets tough.  Even though we can’t choose who we interact with, we can choose how we react to them.  We don’t have to be combative or defensive.  We don’t have to take their criticism personally or let their negative input affect our day.  We can rise above it.

As people give me strange looks when I smile at them or hold the door, I giggle a little inside.  This isn’t expected in today’s world. 

I’ve been teased and mocked recently by women who seem to complain about everything.  I’m sure they think I’m too perky and positive- and that’s okay.  I don’t have space in my own brain to allow these people to bother me.

My life hasn’t always been easy; I have been through a lot.  I’ve learned that life is a gift, and I refuse to be miserable.

I smile because I escaped from my sadness.  I sing down the street because I know I am finally free.  Not only am I free from my past, I am free from the walls I thought society put me in.  I am free from what is “expected” of me.

I’m free from letting the outside world determine my internal condition.

We all have a choice how we live our day- so are you going to sing down the street or complain in the copy room?

I know I’ll be out there singing.

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