Feeling Strange? You May Be Going Through An Ascension Upgrade

I lived in Brookline during the time of last summer’s August eclipse.  There was a strange energy from my first few days there- I don’t know why.  The more I thought about it, the more I think that perhaps it wasn’t where I was, but what the energy in the air was at the time.  Now that the cycle has ended with the New Moon in Aquarius and the February 15th Solar Eclipse, I’m feeling brand new.  Today I’m back in Brookline with my friend Jess, coming full circle.

What a powerful time of transformation 2017 was.  It was a year of reflection, cord cutting, self-awareness, and spiritual growth.  As a whole, our society seems to be “waking up” quicker and quicker; I’ve had many people come into my life these past couple of months who have also felt “the shift” of consciousness.  It’s been awesome to align with others who are on the same path.

Letting go and surrendering is never easy, but neither is the ascension process.  Just in the nick of time, a video by fellow Michigander and spiritual guide, Victor Oddo, popped up on my YouTube feed.  Inspired by his message, I decided to write an overview of my experience with his term “Ascension Upgrade.”  It’s a time where you will experience major life shifts, and although sometimes uncomfortable, an Ascension Upgrade paves the way for a deeper spiritual connection.

Stagnant Period

Do you sometimes feel like there is nothing going on?  Although you’re spiritually connected and have bursts of creative energy, it doesn’t feel like anything is happening.  This could go on for a period of time- but it’s usually because there is something big on the horizon.  Thanks to this last New Moon, we’re entering a new phase where the fruits of our labor are coming to fruition.  The seeds we planted back in August during the eclipse are now starting to grow in coming weeks- so get ready!

Inspired Thinking

After your stagnant period, there’s a shift and expansion of consciousness.  Have you suddenly experienced a spike of creativity?  Do you feel like you’re receiving ideas left and right?  This phase of the ascension process is both exciting and fast-paced; this is a time where you’ll fully understand that you’re co-creating with the Universe, not just getting ideas out of the blue.  Pay attention to your dreams and thoughts- your thoughts become your reality!

Diet Changes

Are your diet habits changing?  Interestingly enough, I’ve noticed I am eating less and less and getting full quicker.  Sometimes meat grosses me out, too.  Although I’m not a vegan, I eat less meat and more organic fruits and vegetables than I used to.  Everything is energy– including the food you eat.  You may experience a drop in appetite, or even a spike.  Whatever the case, know that diet changes are a common theme during the ascension process.


When there’s an energy shift, you may start noticing even more synchronicities.  People come into your life at the right time, you see a sign leading you in a certain direction, or numbers will continue to pop up out of nowhere.  Synchronicity reminds you that you’re on the right path.  Sometimes it may not feel that way; you’ll question where you’re going or what you’re doing, yet synchronicity is that little tap on the shoulder, letting us know that we’re on the right path.

Significant Life Changes

Beginnings, endings, and everything in between.  Whether it’s a job change, marriage, divorce, or big move, the spiritual awakening process will never fail to bring big changes in your life.  You may wonder or question why these changes are occurring- but don’t worry.  It’s simply the Universe clearing up space for the next thing that is on its way to you.

Today in Brookline feels entirely different than it did six months ago.  Although I’m in the same place, I’m in a new cycle- and I’m excited to see what this moon phase has in store.

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Six Common Lightworker Traits


Now more than ever is an important time to spread the word about what being a “lightworker” is.  Whether or not you’re a spiritual person with an interest in the metaphysical, understanding the concept of a lightworker is relevant to everyone in a time of tragedy, political chaos, greed, and hate.

Lightworkers come in many different forms.  Reiki healers, doctors, political leaders, writers, and teachers- these are just a few examples of different lightworkers.  Not all “lightworkers” are conscious of their calling, and while each person may be very different, they each have a special similarity: a strong desire to help others and bring light to the world.

Peacemakers, community voices, activists- from the Women’s March to writing letters to Senate, these are all acts of a lightworker as well.  In a world with so much turmoil, this important work and effort by the lightworkers is imperative to heal society.

Do you think you may be a lightworker?  Here are six common traits I personally relate to, and perhaps you will, too.

1.  Sensitivity 

Lightworkers are most often empathetic people.   This sensitivity comes in many forms- it can be emotional, physical, and spiritual.  I’ve always taken things personally, been sensitive to certain fabrics, sounds, and foods, and felt the emotions of others very strongly.  There are benefits to being sensitive, though- being an empath helps me relate to others, will give me strange vibes if I’m in a bad place or with a toxic person, and stimulates my creativity.  There’s nothing wrong with being empathetic- own this gift!

2.  Spiritual but not religious

I never understood church.  It seemed to be more of a social group or something I “had” to do than something I felt called to.  I don’t care to involve myself with organizations where money is involved, either- I would rather have my offering go toward feeding or clothing the poor than build a new dining hall or alter (do you watch Easy? SO good).  However, I’ve always had a strong connection with a higher power- whether it was a presence I felt with me, channeling messages from my Grandparents, or making decisions based on signs and synchronicity.  Spirituality makes a whole lot more sense to me than logic and planning- it’s all about going with the Universe’s flow.

3.  Black sheep or an old soul

These go hand-in-hand- and I’m both.  I always felt different from my family, classmates, and peers.  I got along better with my teachers than the other students at as young as 7 years old- I was always a little snarky and had the sense of humor of a much older person.  It wasn’t until I left Michigan in 2008 and moved to San Francisco when I finally started to learn who I was.  I was always a little insecure about being different, but moving away and experiencing a different part of the country was an eye-opening experience that helped me learn to love who I was.  It also triggered the start of my spiritual awakening process.

4.   A close connection to animals and nature

Whenever I feel upset, depressed, or anxious, all I need to do is go to the water.  It could be the ocean, a river, lake, or even a fountain- there is something about the water I am deeply connected to.  It helps me every time.  I feel I can connect with my spirit guides and angels when I am at peace by a serene shore, too.  Before winter, I went down to the Mystic River every single morning with my coffee, watching the ducks and swans, enjoying the breeze, and watching the colors changed over the autumn months.  Connecting with animals and nature is a huge part of my life, whether it’s a squirrel running by or Clarissa the calico cat.

5.  Psychic sense

I just know some things.  It’s always been strange.  That gut feeling, those dreams, my own intuition- it truly never fails me.  Prior to moving to Boston I just knew this was where I had to go.  I had ideas in my head about where I wanted to live, what I wanted to do, what type of friends I wanted to have.  All of those things have honestly come true.  Yes, everything has worked out beautifully with my move to Boston, but it wasn’t without some struggles.  Struggles bring strength, remember?

6.   Fearlessness and impulsivity

Piggybacking off of a psychic sense, fearlessness is a trait of a lightworker, too.  I think it’s because of their call to help others, psychic sense, and a knowing that the Universe is looking out for them.  I know the Universe is looking out for me.  I’ve quit jobs and moved across the country on a few different occasions, have packed up and jetted off with boyfriends, and have left those boyfriends just as fast.  Sure, I’ve been in a lot of situations where I didn’t think much beforehand, but I knew it was the thing to do.  I vividly remember being on the phone with my friend Brett as I was packing up my things to leave a boyfriend who was at work at the time.  “Should I do it?” I asked.  15 hours later, my Dad was down in Charlotte, North Carolina, saving me from an abusive relationship, exhausted from the drive but happy to help me.

I’m a pretty lucky girl.

There’s something about the lightworker that is sensitive yet bold, fearless yet fragile, which makes us a powerful force to be reckoned with.  Plain and simple- we don’t put up with anyone’s shit.  We feel and we love hard, but it isn’t without a fight.  We will work to do what is right to help others, spread light, and do our part to make the world a better place.

Whether you love a lightworker or are one yourself, just know our hearts are in the right place- and we’re doing what we can to help heal those around us.


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Being Kind to Your Fellow Female, Part Two: Friendship and Forgiveness

“Females. We bring life to this earth and are the glue that holds everything together. So, why do so many women live in rivalry? That said, it’s been amazing how many strong, independent and encouraging women who have entered my life over the years. It has been an entirely different experience than what I faced in school; there has been no competition with “us,” and when I refer to “us,” I’m referring to my squad.”

Nearly two years ago I wrote a post for Kinda Kind about women being nice to each other.  Funny enough, I met Ashley of Kinda Kind because I wrote for her ex boyfriend’s website, Broke Ass Stuart.  She’s a Michigan girl, too!

The girlfriends in my life are the same as they were the day I wrote that post, and since moving to Boston I’ve made a few amazing new ones, too.

Quality over quantity is so important when it comes to friendship.  My best friends from high school and college are sprinkled all over the country, and naturally, none of them are in New England.  Nevertheless, we never fail to keep in touch.  I’m fortunate to have met some of the most amazing women these past 14 months in Massachusetts- from living with Brenda in Arlington to meeting an English girl named Jessica last April in Cambridge, I’ve been both inspired and supported by many lovely ladies.

Jess was the one who ran after me at Border Cafe as I walked out of a group lunch after listening to a sexist rant by an entitled male last spring, listened to me at a Back Bay cafe after getting let go from a consulting gig, and commiserated with me about guy drama and how terrible males can be in general.  Jess and I stopped talking back in August when we both were going through a turbulent period- neither of us could help one another at that point because we were both drowning in our own drama.  We finally reconnected in the fall, and today our friendship is stronger than ever.  We spent Valentine’s Day together by cooking dinner, eating chocolate strawberries, and catching up on the latest work and boy gossip (trust me, they’re boys).  Oh, and I gave card readings of course, too.

Despite neither of us dating anyone at the moment, it was comforting to have one another- we both know what the other is going through and thinking, so it’s awesome to have a friend like her.  What better Valentine could I ask for?

Forgiveness is a big part of female friendship.  Last summer brought a happy surprise after a terrible tragedy; I received a message from a girl I knew back in New York who ended up dating my ex-boyfriend.  We had all watched Giants baseball together back in 2014 and got along well, but I decided to be salty after I found out they got together (hey, no one is perfect).  She told me she hoped I had been doing okay had offered peace to me, and I, being someone who forgives and forgets quite easily, looked at her Facebook profile to see what was new.  No one could have prepared me for what I found.

I was shocked and saddened to learn my ex had passed away just two days before- and there she was, checking in to see how I had been doing.  She had been dating him for the past year or so, and although I knew her years back, I was surprised to learn they got together- but was relieved when she told me she was by his side (no matter what) during his last months.  He struggled with addiction and died of the complications of a lifetime of alcoholism, which was a huge eye opener for me back in July.  I was able to offer her my experience, love, and support, which I am forever grateful for.

We have been close ever since.

I’m lucky that I can go years without actually seeing a friend, yet our bond is always strong.  Thanks to technology, we’re never really out of touch.

Through the years I’ve had arguments and differences with some of my closest girl friends, yet we have been able to get through it together.  I’m really grateful for this.  I used to think that fights had to be an ending, but today I know that’s not true.  Sure, sometimes there are people who are out of alignment with you and you’ll come across energy-sucking or toxic friendships, but it’s important to hold on to the friendships you value.  When we are able to see past the drama or differences and understand one another, it makes life so much better- and helps us learn about ourselves, too.

This post is for all the inspiring females, from my family to my friends to my readers. There’s a special bond between females, so let’s continue to support one another, bring light, and spread love.  The world needs it. 💕

Original Post: Being Kind To Your Fellow Female

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