Calm in the Chaos

Taxi cabs, loud voices, and the shoving of people in a crowd- it sometimes seems impossible to stay calm in life’s chaos. There’s two types of chaos I can experience in my daily life- the hustle of the city and the ongoing stimulation of others around me.

At times, I would simply like to sit quietly by the water or live in a place without so many people or complications- yet my heart lies in the city.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about staying calm through the chaos life can bring. From gossip to managing room of students, both my personal and professional life can wear me down at the blink of an eye.

So, how does one keep their balance?

Somehow I have managed to retreat to my own little world- a world where I am limitless, peaceful, and content. A world where I find solace in my creativity, music, and nature. A world where I am able to communicate with something much bigger than me. A world where I live with purpose.

So, whether you’re frazzled at work or in the middle of an argument, remember to take a deep breath and look within. You’ll be surprised at the solace and can find within yourself.

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Someone to Quietly Sit With

Yesterday wasn’t anything out of the ordinary- yet it was a delightful Saturday afternoon.

It was one of those sunny, frigid December days; the type of day when you need sunglasses and gloves. With my notebook and planner in hand, I crept into a cafe for coffee and a warm place to write.

I spotted an empty seat by the window and hoped it would still be there by the time I ordered my drink. However, not only did I notice the empty seat- I noticed a familiar face at the spot next to what I hoped to be mine.

I remembered this person from the summer- we had sat next to each other at the window on the opposite side of the cafe. Just like me, he seemed to prefer the window seats- and just like the time before, I had my journal, planner, and black coffee.

We said a few words this time- chatting about the cold weather, our birthdays, and the dark winter days. He offered me his New Yorker magazine after writing in silence, looking out the window, and sipping warm drinks.

You always wonder what will come out of something like this; you wonder what the stranger sitting next to you will say, what they’ll do, or if you will ever see them again.

However, Saturday afternoon was perfect; because sometimes it’s just nice to have someone to quietly sit with.

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Two Years of Living Beautifully

Time flies when you’re making the most out of life.

When I moved to Boston two years ago I didn’t know anyone, but I found comfort in my writing. I started this blog to share my journey, process my feelings, and learn the power of vulnerability.

Two years later, I’ve grown so much, connected with amazing people, and learned to be much braver. Thank you for following along, sending emails, and for all of your love and support.

Here’s to year three!

Dunkin at Tiffany’s

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No Longer Taking Life For Granted

After darkness there is always light.

2018 has been a year of ups and downs, life lessons, and rebuilding. Back in August, my life was stripped of the normalcy I once had in order to stop and reflect on what I actually wanted for myself.

Looking back, I know it was a subliminal cry for help.

For years I had wanted to take a break from the grind, find myself, and take time to figure out me- only to uproot myself and move from city to city with the hope that “things would be different.”

Wherever you go, there you are.

This morning sat by the window with my coffee, journaling my thoughts for the day. Although I admit I have mourned my past, my journey has made me so grateful for everything I’m working for.

I used to take everything for granted- my parents helping me with college, living in nice places and big cities, having a good job, finding success in my writing, or even having a good boyfriend. Nothing on the outside seemed to cure the void in my heart. Today, I smile at each small victory- it can be as personal as an email a reader who relates to my story or having a stranger hold the door for me.

My life may not be the same as it was earlier in 2018- but for that, I’m grateful. I’ve finally learned to build the foundation I had been searching for my whole life- a solid foundation within.

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