Authentically You

The moon is in a brand new phase, the sun is shining, and the day has begun.

It’s the perfect day to live authentically you.

Today isn’t a day to apologize for something you believe in, or to dim your sparkle.  It’s not a day to hold back, to settle for less, or to keep quiet.

Today is a day to shine.

Sometimes we need a reminder to live the life we want, to speak our minds, and to have the courage to say “no.”  We need a reminder that we live in a magical world full of unlimited possibilities; a world where we can make our dreams a reality.

It’s important to remember that every day we wake up new and have yet another opportunity to take charge of our own life, happiness, and goals.  Isn’t that exciting?  Whether you’re in a rut in your career, relationship, or day-to-day routine, take out a pen and piece of paper and think about these three things:

Am I following my heart?

Am I making the most of the situation?

What changes can I make to live more authentically?

Journaling always helps me put life into perspective and focus on what I can improve. As I think about my own goals, I look around at other examples of “success.”  For some, it’s settling down and having a family.  For others, it’s climbing the corporate ladder.  Perhaps it’s academia, fame, money, or social status.  Everyone has their own idea of success, and each person has their own authentic truth.  What is meaningful to you?

It’s difficult to compare myself to others around me, as my personal success is found within and in the ways I connect with people.  Being able to open up and be vulnerable about my own challenges has helped me to heal, to live more authentically, and to help others know that they’re not alone.  Touching just one person gives me a deep sense of success, so I do my best to be honest, write with my heart, and teach the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Holding back from our own talents, desires, and dreams may seem like the safe route, but you’ll quickly learn that it feels much better to step out of your comfort zone.  Whether you dream of taking that job across the country, ending a career to travel, or starting a new project, remember to listen to your heart, embrace your uniqueness, and have confidence in your creations.  There’s only one you, so don’t shy away from your authenticity.  The world is waiting!

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Minimalism and Technology: Purging What No Longer Serves You

Minimalism doesn’t just mean getting rid of the things in your closet or emptying the contents of your junk drawer.  Minimalism means a lot more to me than that.

Minimalism is living a life of purpose.

So, why do we continue to fill our lives with things that have no meaning?  Meaningless possessions, likes, compliments, words?

Yes, I’m also talking about you, social media.

When I left New York City on July 25th, 2016, I was overwhelmed with all the “stuff” I had accumulated- both physically and mentally.  With most of my clothes and possessions in boxes, I moved into my family’s house in the middle of rural Michigan with a strong need for “less.”  Less chaos, less worrying, less complications.  Less drama.  I needed a re-set… and I got just that.  I spent days in the backyard reading, on the pontoon boat, or simply relaxing on the couch.

As I got used to living on less, I began being careful about what I allowed in my life.  This included media messages, toxic relationships, and of course, more “stuff.”  A year and a half later, I’m once again re-assessing what I need to let go of, what I hope to gain, and what no longer serves me.

Although I don’t have a television here in Boston, I can’t escape the internet.  One of the easiest ways for me to get stuck in a low-vibe rut is to get sucked into the news, spend too much time on the computer, or look too closely at what everyone else is doing.  Sure, I know that “comparison is the thief of joy,” but even when I’m happy and grounded, do I really need to see what everyone around me is doing?  Do I need to open my web browser to fill the time, or can I just pick up a book, meditate, or go for a walk?

So, I decided to get rid of Facebook.  At least, for a while.  I was getting too attached to my own image, my own shares, and what my friends thought about my work.  Now isn’t the time for me to pay attention to those things- it’s a time to live authentically and just go for it.  It’s time to focus on my writing goals… to say exactly what I need to say, to reach the people who will most benefit from what I write, and to continue to express what is in my heart.

Social media is a hard addiction to break.  For example, yesterday I had an article published in Elephant Journal.  What was the first thing I thought to do?  Share it on Facebook, of course!  Oh, but wait- I deactivated my profile.  I thought about this for a second.  “I don’t think my Facebook friends care about Saturn in Capricorn anyway,”  I concluded.  However, a little fear struck me as I read an email from the Elephant Journal editors: “Congratulations! We hope to see every article reach 950 views. We’ll work our trunks off to promote your piece—that said, we won’t do it all alone.”  

Since they can’t do it alone, I shared the picture of the article in my Instagram stories and on my Twitter.  As I went to Elephant Journal to check the article this morning, which made the “Popular” section of the front page, I saw this:

I guess I didn’t need my Facebook friends after all.

Thrilled to exceed my 950 view requirement in less than 12 hours, I sat back.  Nothing kills authenticity like self promotion, which is one of my pet peeves about so many online marketers, influencers, and “gurus.”  Maybe there’s something to being the un-marketer.

I’ll leave it to the Universe.

In addition to deleting my Facebook account, I deleted LinkedIn and WhatsApp, too.  Although I understand these platforms are beneficial to a lot of people, they haven’t helped me in any way whatsoever; they’ve opened the door for my exes to reach me and for old co-workers and classmates to judge my accomplishments.  No thanks.  I know what I am, and I don’t need your groups or recommendations to validate my success.

The moral of my social media purging story is to remind you that what other people think doesn’t matter.  You’ll reach the right people, the right audience, and find the right opportunities.  Once you can let go of what your friends and family think and go for what your heart tells you, the creative energy will flow, your dreams will get bigger, and your confidence will soar.

During this New Moon in Capricorn, I am letting go of the Kristin I have been and focusing on the Kristin I have been working on.  There’s no need to think about my past or get stuck in nostalgia… there is a bright tomorrow.

You just may need to cut a technology cord to see it.

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Limited Beliefs: The Only Thing Holding You Back

In a world of hustle and bustle, taxes and retirement plans, societal norms and laws, it can be difficult to embody a spiritual life.  I’ve spent much of the past few years questioning the “expectations” of our culture, usually standing critically on the sidelines and running off to do my own thing.  Living as simply as possible has been crucial to my happiness, but our world always has a way of reminding me to stay grounded and focused on the light.  Instead of falling into depression or anxiety about the chaos around me, I chose to live in my own little world.

Who are we to say that the world can’t be a magical place?

Remember the excitement and wonder we had as children?  The curiosity we had for what was around every corner, for what each day had in store, for the enchantment of the unknown?  I’ve lived a lot of my adult life this way; discovering new places, making new friends, finding myself in once-in-a-lifetime situations.  I had a great sense of wonder as I moved from city to city, neighborhood to neighborhood.  I still feel that way as I explore places I’ve never been, snap photos of buildings I’ve never seen, and meet people from all over the world.

However, the “real world” sets in.  People criticize us, remind us of our failures, pick at our faults, and tell us our dreams aren’t possible.  That’s dense 3D energy that you don’t need.  No one ever achieved greatness by being held back by their critics.   As we enter the New Moon in Capricorn, I’m trying to leave behind my limited beliefs- the beliefs that tell me things aren’t possible, that I can’t, or the voice telling me “that won’t happen.”

Anything can happen.

Most of the magical moments are those we never expect.  I never would have been able to make up many of the tales I have yet to tell had I not had that wide-eyed wonder and joy.  Moving to New York City was a huge part of this for me; it seemed like a fantasy land where reality didn’t exist.  In a city of bright lights and dreams, I had the belief anything was possible- but just because I’m no longer doesn’t mean the magic has ended.  In fact, it’s more powerful than ever- because I’m conscious of it.

The best is yet to come.  

During this New Moon, I am letting go of what I once was and making room for the magic that is on its way.  Although I recently deemed harmony as my word of the year, my theme for 2018 is limitless.  Limitless opportunities and infinite possibility.  The only person who has held me back from success, happiness, or stability is myself; if I continue to follow my heart, listen to my soul, and continue working hard, the magic will present itself.

and this time, I won’t have to chase it.

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