Starting a New Decade With a Clean Slate

It seems impossible it’s the end of a decade.

We’re not just embarking on any new decade, though.  It’s about to be 2020- which feels symbolic of seeing clearly, following the light, and having a solid vision for the year ahead.

Life is always a work in progress for me- instead of a traditional “New Year Resolution,” I reflect every month on what I want to change, manifest, and learn.

Cleansing my aura and getting into alignment with what I TRULY want (not the media, my family, or society) sets the stage for creating a life that is authentic to me.  As I journal and reflect with each month, moon cycle, and moment, it’s interesting to go back to see when old patterns were broken and new ideas started to form.

Letting go of who we once were- or who the story inside our head thought we were- is a major step in healing, happiness, and living with peace.

See you soon, 2020!

PS- You can cleanse your aura too with white sage!  The smudge stick, crystals, and Moonology journal can all be found at Higher Self bookstore downtown TC.  I highly recommend starting off your decade on the right foot. 🌕