Self Care Saturday: Going Phoneless

We all need a re-set from time to time, so don’t be afraid of indulging in a good dose of self care.  You deserve it!

Travel Zen

…is an oxy moron, because I have no chill when it comes to travel.  I don’t know what travel zen is, but if someone can help me figure it out, I’d love to know. I am still catching my breath after my connection between Boston and Denver. Naturally, I had to land at JFK ofContinue reading “Travel Zen”

Purpose Over Possessions

As I was journaling today I thought about a few conversations I’ve had with friends who are on similar self-discovery journeys.  Most recently, we discussed our crumbling culture in the United States and how technology has pushed us away from embracing human connections, gratitude, and simplicity.  Although our society may literally have the world atContinue reading “Purpose Over Possessions”

Choosing Grace, Not Aggression

Life sure is funny. Just when I am feeling strong standing on my own two feet, the universe throws me a curve ball to test (and strengthen) my skills and strength.

Embracing Feminine Energy

earning to live in peace, not pride, creates such a bigger world for ourselves. It is easy to get tied up in power, money and ego, but by allowing that feminine energy to flow, you can step out of the darkness and into a loving, content life.


As I manifest the life I hope to live, I am nothing but optimistic for the future, as I know I simply have to speak my truth, stand up for what I believe in and be kind- both to myself and others.

Boston: Chapter Two

It has been about five months since I started this blog, just six days after I took a one-way flight to Boston. Prior to coming here I had no idea what my plan was- after over two years in New York City, a failed attempt at trying out Chicago, and finally taking a much-needed monthContinue reading “Boston: Chapter Two”