Self Care Saturday: Going Phoneless

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  I hope your holiday is off to a good start.

I came home from work today on my first “Summer Friday” of the year, put my bathing suit on, packed my bag, and headed to the park.  As I sat on the grassy lawn this afternoon, I found myself doing multiple things, yet not focusing on any of them.

Music was playing in my headphones.  I had my journal out, three card decks, two colored pens, and a smaller journal.  To top it off, I had taken a picture with my Camera Plus app, but also recorded several Instagram stories.  I moved between app to app, journal to journal, pen to pen, song to song.

I spotted a guy across the park who I chatted with a few days ago.  He was walking his sister’s dog and talking with a group of other people with dogs.  As the dogs ran around the lawn and I squinted to see if I recognized anyone across the field, my water bottle spilled, got all over my yoga mat (I even had the intention of meditating and stretching), and got the butt of my bathing suit wet.

Damn it.

I was thirsty, too.

Nevertheless, I actually rolled my eyes at myself. How could I even talk about being a mindful person if I can’t even focus on one thing on a holiday break?  It was time to relax, yet I’ve been programmed to go-go-go.  Society does that to us- but we don’t have to go with it.

Time for a swift mindfulness kick in the butt (but not a spilled Swell bottle this time).

I thought about what I could do to re-set.  Meditation?  I do that every day already. Exercise?  Yeah, that too.  Skip the coffee?  Oh no, I won’t go that far.

However, one thing did come to mind:

I’ll shut my phone off on Saturday.


With three days off and a beautiful forecast in store, why not spend one of them outside, curled up with a book, writing, creating, or just being?

I’m hoping a little time away from my phone will help calm me down, make me realize not everything has to be done right now, and to appreciate the beauty all around me in the current moment.

We all need a re-set from time to time, so don’t be afraid of indulging in a good dose of self care.  You deserve it!

Travel Zen

…is an oxy moron, because I have no chill when it comes to travel.  I don’t know what travel zen is, but if someone can help me figure it out, I’d love to know.

I am still catching my breath after my connection between Boston and Denver. Naturally, I had to land at JFK of all places- a city where my aggression comes out in full force.  I had a 15 minute layover in New York thanks to a fog delay, so I ran as fast as I could to the shuttle to get from Terminal A to C.

It was a headache.

I messaged my friend Brett to let him know it was possible I would have to take a later flight.  Thankfully, I got a hold of him to let him know I made it with just a minute to spare.  He’s leaving work early to come get me, so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t messing up his schedule, either.


I don’t know how people do it.  I have two friends who work for Accenture as consultants, and they travel every single week.  I WOULD PULL MY HAIR OUT.  Although I tried to take deep breaths and remember “everything happens for a reason,” I still have no zen when it comes to logistics.

Journaling, music, and holding my Fluorite stone seemed to help calm me down once I got settled on flight #2.  Now that I’m en route, I feel much better, though I doubt the people I pushed past in the airport would believe me.

On another note, I’m stoked to spend a few days out west- we’re hiking in Boulder this weekend, exploring downtown Denver, relaxing, and of course dining out!  It will be a great getaway.

What are some of the ways you chill yourself out while traveling?  Trust me, I need some tips other than Xanax.

Purpose Over Possessions

As I was journaling today I thought about a few conversations I’ve had with friends who are on similar self-discovery journeys.  Most recently, we discussed our crumbling culture in the United States and how technology has pushed us away from embracing human connections, gratitude, and simplicity.  Although our society may literally have the world at our fingertips thanks to smartphones, we are now longing for a deeper connection with both our planet and the world around us.  

We are seeking face-to-face interactions, the smell of old books, the beauty of the sunrise, the flavors of our meal.  We are beginning to realize that although it’s great to feel connected with our family and friends online, experiencing the moment is more important than documenting it.  “Things” are beginning to matter less, and meaningful connections to other people and mattering more. 

It’s encouraging to hear stories of the millennial generation breaking away from our society’s importance of material things and making life experiences, nature, and culture a priority over money, consumerism, and power. Money is merely a tool to get things done- once you think of it that way, it doesn’t feel like such a weight on your shoulders.

When our actions and motivations are aligned with love, money begins to flow easier, we feel lighter, and we begin to connect with the right people and places that will guide us.  

What are you doing to align with your purpose?