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Feeling Strange? You May Be Going Through An Ascension Upgrade

Beginnings, endings, and everything in between.  Whether it’s a job change, marriage, divorce, or big move, the spiritual awakening process will never fail to bring big changes in your life.  You may wonder or question why these changes are occurring- but don’t worry.  It’s simply the Universe clearing up space for the next thing that is on its way to you. Continue reading

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Six Common Lightworker Traits

Now more than ever is an important time to spread the word about what being a “lightworker” is.  Whether or not you’re a spiritual person with an interest in the metaphysical, understanding the concept of a lightworker is relevant to … Continue reading

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Enjoying the Simple Things

What does simplicity mean to me?  Well, it occurred to me how much I have been over-complicating my life.  I’ve been concerned with the past, tried to control the present, and had anxiety about the future. Continue reading

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