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When Goodbyes Are Better

It only seems to make sense to state your feelings, put your foot down, and say “damn it, I love myself too much for this,” right?  For some reason, this can be a challenge for women.  We sugar coat, we beat around the bush, or we just “let things go.”  As for me, I’m done with that- it didn’t get me anywhere in the past, and I’m certain it won’t get me anywhere in the future. Continue reading

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Single isn’t a Stigma

There are so many books, authors and blogs about finding love.  I’ve read many inspiring pieces from mothers, business women, and leaders.  Each time I take away important lessons, but I continue asking myself one question: Where are the stories … Continue reading

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Comfort Zone

Sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what you want out of life.  I’m a big dreamer, so often times I create ideas of how something will be, only to find that the reality is much different than what I made … Continue reading

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