Simple Glam- Making the Most of a Small Space

Over the weekend I gave my bathroom a makeover.  Despite living minimally, I’ve made an effort to give my humble abode a few little luxuries.

It’s not always easy to make an old room look shiny and new!  Ever since moving into my first San Francisco apartment ten years ago, I’ve grown accustomed to outdated (and overpriced) spaces that need a creative touch.  Although my bathroom wasn’t that bad, it definitely needed a little face lift.

Knowing I had blue tiles and plastic light fixtures to work with, I wanted to go for a clean, simple look.  As I was browsing through Marshalls, I stumbled across a sea-stripe shower curtain by Kate Spade– and although it wasn’t what I had initially been looking for, it was perfect for a New England girl.

Decorating Tip #1~ Find a staple piece and work everything else around it.

Now that I had my theme, I was ready to accessorize.  I had been living bare-bones since moving in; mismatched towels, a broken towel hook, and an old shower curtain had been holding me over these past seven months.  Needless to say, it was time to show the room some love.

I picked up the necessities- matching towels, a towel hook, bathmat, and a couple accessories to warm up the space.  It took me three days and several stores to find the perfect shades of blue, but once I made it to Primark, my search was over.  For just $26, I got two new bath towels, two hand towels and a bath mat- all to perfectly match my shower curtain.

Organization is huge for me.  I no longer keep “extras” in my house, either- if it’s old, broken, or useless, I toss it.  Long are the days of hoarding old nail polish, extra eyeshadow shades, or almost-gone lipstick.

Decorating Tip #2~ When arranging things, be sure they’re in a logical area- separate items such as lotions, beauty tools, perfumes, etc.  Not only will your area be tidy, it will be much easier to find everything!

It’s amazing what a few tiny touches can do!  In addition to this weekend’s purchases, I refurbished and reorganized a few things I already had.  I moved a few pictures on the wall, painted the vanity trim gold, and re-purposed a jewelry stand to hold my lotions.  With rose-gold accents and Tiffany-blue trimming, my chic and simple bathroom was complete.

Decorating Tip #3~ You don’t need to buy new everything- just move things around!

So, when all was said and done, I completed my bathroom makeover for under $70.  How did I do it?  Here’s the breakdown:

Shower Curtain: Marshalls, $20

Hand Towels: Primark, 2 pack, $13

Towels: Primark, 2 pack, $7

Bath Mat: Primark, $6

Over-the-Door Hanger: TJ Maxx, $6

Decorative Tree: Target, $6

Jar: Marshalls, $2

Candle: Marshalls, $6

Total Bathroom Makeover: $66.00

Not bad for a small space, is it?

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

Have you ever noticed how your social circle may change throughout different stages of your life? Where I am at mentally is mirrored in the friends I spend time with; both positive and negative. Life is short, so it’s important to surround yourself with the people who inspire you to be your best.

One of my favorite phrases is “your vibe attracts your tribe.” The Law of Attraction is a powerful concept I have implemented into my life, and has made a great difference in my overall happiness. This theory focuses on positive or negative thoughts bringing positive or negative experiences back to you. As I have begun to live a more mindful, meaningful life, my fear of other people and rejection has lessened. I’ve learned the value of quality of quantity and the power of positivity in my everyday life as well as my friendships.

So, are you still trying to find your own tribe?

Be Yourself

Throughout the years I have made a variety of friends, yet haven’t always stayed true to my own values. I’ve learned to be myself and not to be afraid to speak up- as Dr. Suess said, “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

Find Communities 

Get involved! I can’t stress enough how important is to put yourself out there and find communities that fit your interests. It’s not easy to jump into an unfamiliar situation, but you’ll feel better once you do. Join a yoga class, book club, team or networking group. I love Meetup for learning about new events and to meet new people.

Stay Positive

Misery loves company,” they say, so if you’re looking to bring positive energy into your life, reconsider spending your time with those who bring you down. Stay positive and put your energy into the things that make you happy. Don’t be discouraged!


Friendships don’t happen over night! Be patient in forming your own tribe- you’ll meet new people along the way, figure out which friendships are long-lasting and learn more about yourself, too. Remember- quality over quantity!

So, think about this: are you the kind of person you would want to be around?