Simple Glam- Making the Most of a Small Space

Over the weekend I gave my bathroom a makeover.  Despite living minimally, I’ve made an effort to give my humble abode a few little luxuries.

It’s not always easy to make an old room look shiny and new!  Ever since moving into my first San Francisco apartment ten years ago, I’ve grown accustomed to outdated (and overpriced) spaces that need a creative touch.  Although my bathroom wasn’t that bad, it definitely needed a little face lift.

Knowing I had blue tiles and plastic light fixtures to work with, I wanted to go for a clean, simple look.  As I was browsing through Marshalls, I stumbled across a sea-stripe shower curtain by Kate Spade– and although it wasn’t what I had initially been looking for, it was perfect for a New England girl.

Decorating Tip #1~ Find a staple piece and work everything else around it.

Now that I had my theme, I was ready to accessorize.  I had been living bare-bones since moving in; mismatched towels, a broken towel hook, and an old shower curtain had been holding me over these past seven months.  Needless to say, it was time to show the room some love.

I picked up the necessities- matching towels, a towel hook, bathmat, and a couple accessories to warm up the space.  It took me three days and several stores to find the perfect shades of blue, but once I made it to Primark, my search was over.  For just $26, I got two new bath towels, two hand towels and a bath mat- all to perfectly match my shower curtain.

Organization is huge for me.  I no longer keep “extras” in my house, either- if it’s old, broken, or useless, I toss it.  Long are the days of hoarding old nail polish, extra eyeshadow shades, or almost-gone lipstick.

Decorating Tip #2~ When arranging things, be sure they’re in a logical area- separate items such as lotions, beauty tools, perfumes, etc.  Not only will your area be tidy, it will be much easier to find everything!

It’s amazing what a few tiny touches can do!  In addition to this weekend’s purchases, I refurbished and reorganized a few things I already had.  I moved a few pictures on the wall, painted the vanity trim gold, and re-purposed a jewelry stand to hold my lotions.  With rose-gold accents and Tiffany-blue trimming, my chic and simple bathroom was complete.

Decorating Tip #3~ You don’t need to buy new everything- just move things around!

So, when all was said and done, I completed my bathroom makeover for under $70.  How did I do it?  Here’s the breakdown:

Shower Curtain: Marshalls, $20

Hand Towels: Primark, 2 pack, $13

Towels: Primark, 2 pack, $7

Bath Mat: Primark, $6

Over-the-Door Hanger: TJ Maxx, $6

Decorative Tree: Target, $6

Jar: Marshalls, $2

Candle: Marshalls, $6

Total Bathroom Makeover: $66.00

Not bad for a small space, is it?

Healing Through Art

Hand painted inspirational art

The arts have been a major part of my life ever since my earliest memories of drawing, creating handmade cards, writing poetry, and illustrating storybooks.  

Creativity has also been an outlet for me to express my emotions, from drawing to daily fashion.

“Keeping it simple” is something I try to embody on a daily basis- life is such a complicated journey that it is imperative to stay grounded in order to stay sane.  While I used to love more of everything and a variety of anything, today I adore simple beauty and minimalism.  I decided not to complicate things and stick with white and gold- less is more.

With every brush stroke, I gained a little bit of strength and began to let go of insecurity, fear, and doubt.  

A coach of mine once suggested the “post-it practice”- sticking affirmations on your walls or mirror- and ever since I have been mindful of writing down positive thoughts to remind myself every day that I am, indeed, enough.

This coach even put me in a hula-hoop and told me that the only thing I could control what was inside that hula-hoop: me.

Since I began painting I have also been inspired by so many amazing women in my life.  Their love has helped me gain confidence and heal, so I have started to make art for them, too.

Together, no matter what our struggles, we can help one another by sharing our own inspiration and journey.

Be brave. Hand painted inspirational art.

Creating Your Happy Space


Home is where the heart is! After two weeks in my new apartment, I decided it was finally time to put a personal touch on my place. Since I arrived in Massachusetts with just a few weeks of clothing and my bare essentials, I was in need of a (minimal) shopping trip to find some cozy bedroom decor.

Since living a “less is more” mentality, I decided to keep my room clutter-free and organized. I used to think it was necessary to go over-the-top when buying home goods, but continually found myself purging everything with each move. This time I shopped for things to keep me organized, yet won’t be a huge burden when I do decide to move (hopefully not in the near future!).

Stay Minimal

It’s easy to start picking up unnecessary knick-knacks. I only keep- and put out- things that have meaning or bring positive energy into my life. Everything I have sitting out serves a purpose- storage, easy access or decoration.

My one exception to my minimalist rule is with pillows- I can never have too many pillows. I picked up a Buddah pillow to start my new collection- there is nothing better than snuggling in a nest of pillows with a good book!

Personal Touches

After finding my Buddah pillow I decided to stick with classic golds to accent my space. I found a few pineapple pieces while shopping, which is a symbol of hospitality, friendship and warmth. The pineapple keyholder was a perfect complement to my wall, and prevents me from misplacing my keys! I find so much more in control of my life when everything has a place, with rhyme and reason.



A lot of the decor I chose was my own art- coloring pages, inspirational quotes and doodles. I was told once by a therapist to write down positive affirmations on a post-it note and stick on my mirror every day, so I followed this advice and chose some of my favorite Gabrielle Bernstein wisdoms for my wall.

The more you subject yourself to positivity and uplifting statements, the power of thought will become apparent in your life. Take a look at these affirmations thanks to the Huffington Post. Remember- you are what you think!

Serene Space

A calming bedroom is key to relaxation and serenity. I love coming home to a cozy space with a warm aura- candles are a must. It’s also important for me to be able to set the mood with lighting- open windows, candles, my overhead dimmer or with a lamp.

For those moments of mindfulness, I picked up a new mat for yoga and meditation. Having the mat out is a great reminder for the times I forget to take a breather and need a quick meditation. My day is always better when I start out with stretches!

Having mindful reminders throughout my bedroom helps me stay in the moment, creates a sense of home and sets a positive tone for the day.

How have you created a more mindful home? I’d love to see it! Share with me on Instagram or Twitter.