Capturing Childlike Joy this New Moon in Gemini

Happy New Moon in Gemini! I pulled an Archangel Metatron card this morning to set the tone for the day, as I do each morning, on my very favorite day of the month. Ah, such an appropriate card, too. On this New Moon, it’s the perfect time to align with your inner child and bringContinue reading “Capturing Childlike Joy this New Moon in Gemini”

How Mindfulness Reconnected Me With Fashion

When I started my personal style blog “K on the Bay” in 2012, I snapped shots of my hometown, sunsets, and my shoes. If I could tie in a few local brands or thrifty finds, great! As a simple Tumblr site, my vision was to show how classic style and nature go hand-in-hand. As theContinue reading “How Mindfulness Reconnected Me With Fashion”

Being Grateful for What We Have- Re-Thinking Fashion After the Coronavirus

My closet at my Airbnb in Medford, 2016 When I started writing on this blog, I was beginning a journey of living more mindfully and minimally. Trump was yet to be inaugurated, Henri Bendel still existed, and I had spent the past ten years trying to keep up with everyone around me. It was longContinue reading “Being Grateful for What We Have- Re-Thinking Fashion After the Coronavirus”

Dream Big: Turning Blog Posts Into A Solid Foundation

Along the path of life, people may misunderstand your journey or doubt your dreams. When I decided to move to San Francisco in 2008, months before the stock market crashed and prior to a publicly traded Facebook, an acquaintance scoffed at me saying, “well, that will be cheap.” Within two weeks of this comment, IContinue reading “Dream Big: Turning Blog Posts Into A Solid Foundation”

Fashion for Good: Style During the Coronavirus

Hooray for PAIGE helping to keep the community stylish and safe! In an effort to preserve supplies for medical staff, Paige Denim joined LA Protects and Mayor Eric Garcetti to produce non-medical masks in their to help protect non-essential workers. They’re also donating a pack for every 4-pack sold! Whenever I shop these days, I’mContinue reading “Fashion for Good: Style During the Coronavirus”

Living In the Flow- This Weekend’s Lesson, As Told By A Rock

I’ve had a blast writing in the sun over the weekend, biking throughout town, and leaving little messages in secret spots. Earlier in the week I was feeling manic- I was finding myself roaming from one room to another, starting one project but never finishing another. I was bouncing off other people’s energy, encouragement, andContinue reading “Living In the Flow- This Weekend’s Lesson, As Told By A Rock”

Ways You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 365 Days a Year

Happy Earth Day! 🌍 It has been an interesting month with our daily lives put to a halt, yet Mother Earth is smiling at us as we stay home. From the canals in Italy to the Los Angeles skyline, our world has started to heal from all of the damage our Human Race has causedContinue reading “Ways You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 365 Days a Year”

Find Your Constants

What’s your constant? It could be picking up your guitar, going for a swim, cuddling up with a good book, or spending time with a pet. A constant is one of those things that just makes you feel good, no matter where your head is at. For me, spending time by the water and enjoyingContinue reading “Find Your Constants”