Comforts of the city


Whenever I feel lonely, I go exploring. Wandering the streets, window shopping, picking up coffee at a local cafe, sitting by the water, learning new neighborhoods, and taking pictures of the beauty around me.

I never felt lonely in New York City; there was always someone around me, something was always open, and the trains ran 24/7. I never felt lost and I never felt scared.

Ironic, considering many people feel NYC is a big, scary place. It was quite the contrary for me. Despite challenges, I was content being alone in such a large city. Although it’s just a quick train or drive away, my life in Boston seems worlds apart. It’s probably a good thing.

Over the long weekend I decided to do all of the things I loved about New York- in Boston. Similar to my life in SF and NYC, I decided to hop on the T and see where it took me. I got off the Orange Line at Back Bay, curious to check out the shops, architecture, parks and people.


The beauty of Boston is phenominal- and if it weren’t so cold, I would be out and about all of the time! It’s a very small and walkable city with hidden gems everywhere… I just have yet to find them.

Although I’ve been feeling alone, this is an exciting time- I have the whole city at my fingertips. It may still be a stranger to me now, but soon I will find my own comforts in Boston.

While I may miss New York today, it will always be there- and I have a whole new city to fall in love with.



Change doesn’t scare me- complacency does.

Today marks one week in Boston.

Last week I packed my luggage, got on a plane and headed to yet another city I had to learn. Challenged accepted.


Unlike other moves in the past, I had this one laid out to a tee. I listed my objectives, dates and goals leading up to the move, reviewed them daily and most important of all- took action.

Since graduating college in 2007 I’ve lived in Metro Detroit, San Francisco, Austin, New York, and even did a stint in Charlotte. Smaller towns were never on my radar, and living in a rut was never an option.

If you don’t like something, change it.

Easier said than done, right? Perhaps. Since arriving last Thursday I spent the weekend in Amesbury, explored the coast, tried beach pizza, went on several interviews, learned how to manuever the T and bus lines (every city is essentially the same, except Boston subway tracks are CLEAN), decorated my little Airbnb for Christmas, and even purchased some Red Sox gear (sorry to my Giants- I’m still loyal to you).

It’s been wonderful.


I’m not sure what feels different about this move. There are the obvious reasons- I have a clear head, a plan, support, experience and above all, fearlessness. When I first moved to San Francisco at age 23 I lived on blind optimism and nativity. I suppose the same holds true for every other life-changing event… all except this one.

I’ve grown up and I’ve learned to take action. I’ve worked many types of jobs in several industries, experienced a variety of living situations, weathered different climates and began to learn the importance of staying in the moment. It has always been easy for me to get ahead of myself in life, but staying mindful is imperative in this journey.

Life isn’t always glamourous and the grind is never easy, but this time I intend to live one day at a time, keep a positive attitude and find beauty in each day.

I am starting to love you, Boston. Without getting ahead of myself, I hope we stay together for a very long time.