A Stylish Christmas

It’s been fun to dress my new apartment with holiday decor! For the past three years I haven’t taken the time to decorate- or couldn’t- because I was sharing my home with roommates.  Now that I’m back in Traverse City with a home of my very own, I’ve finally been able to invest in piecesContinue reading “A Stylish Christmas”

Holiday Spirit: Spreading the Cheer

It’s no secret December is my favorite month of the year.  From sparkling lights to the first snow fall, it’s a time full of holiday cheer.  I love it so much that I trade my bright pink lipstick for shades of red, too. My love for the holiday season must have started from the veryContinue reading “Holiday Spirit: Spreading the Cheer”

Patience and Timing

“Patience and timing- it’s all you’ll ever need,” a wise friend told me back in college. Aside from the people, the thing I miss the most about NYC is being able to get anything you want, any time of day, any day of the week. There is always something open and there’s always a wayContinue reading “Patience and Timing”

Cat Lady Christmas

As I open my new notebook and begin to write, Bernice (AKA Bernie Sanders) jumps up next to me on the couch and begins to chew my headphones.  After she tires of this activity, she proceeds to walk on the blank white pages in front of me. Even though I’m not sure if my companyContinue reading “Cat Lady Christmas”