Sometimes you need to be reminded of the person you once were.  When you’re reminded of innocence, butterflies, and infinite possibility, the person you still have yet to become becomes even more exciting.

You start to forget what held you back.  The layers of protection fall away, one by one.  You begin to see life in rose colored glasses, not shades of grey.

Sometimes you need to hear a familiar guitar serenade to remember those feelings.

I got a phone call on Saturday morning from an old friend.  “Do you want to hear your song?” he asked.  For the first time since 2005 or so, I got to hear that comforting, raspy voice sing to me over guitar, just like those long nights and Main Street mornings in Mount Pleasant.

It’s interesting when someone has known you for that long… and still likes you.  They still accept you.  Despite seeing you through some of your darkest times, they still saw the best in you.

It’s funny to go back to the same feelings you had fourteen years ago.

It’s refreshing.