Simple Pleasures

The best things in life are free.

The older I get, the more I enjoy time to myself, strolling the streets, and taking in all the beauty around me.

As a city dweller, it’s easy to become conditioned to more- more action, more material things, and more excitement. However, with so much to see and so many beautiful things to take in, it doesn’t take any money or resources to have a wonderful day- just simple awareness.

I’m grateful to be able to stop and smell the roses- with a little mindfulness and gratitude, you’ll see that the simple pleasures in life truly are the best.

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Stop and Smell the Flowers: New Moon in Taurus

Happy New Moon in Taurus!

This cycle’s energy is all about balancing work and play, giving and receiving, yin and yang.

Remember to stop and enjoy the beauty all around you, skip down the street, and sing along to your favorite tune! Life isn’t as serious as we can make it out to be.

Remember to charge your crystals, sage your home, and set your intentions. Now is a powerful time to harness this grounding Taurus energy!

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Twists and Turns: Opening To A Fresh Page

I’ve never been a fan of routine.

In an effort to add some excitement to my morning walk to work, I took an unusual turn.  Instead of walking down the same street, looking at the same storefronts and sights, a little voice in my head told me to do something different today.

As I strolled down the tree lined street, I noticed something shiny on the ground.  I walked toward it, noticed it was a notebook, and picked it up- wet and all.  Wiping off the morning dew, I opened it, expecting it to be filled out; left on the sidewalk as trash.

It was brand new.

Not only were the pages blank, but it matched my aesthetic: blank and rose gold, complete with a heart.

I thought about the feminine design, symbolizing my own willingness to open my heart- and to open to a new page.

We may hold onto the past or regret decisions we have made, but every twist, turn, and detour has a deeper purpose.  These turns may have an unexpected outcome or a beautiful surprise, but when we live in the present moment, we will discover an important lesson:

Our true purpose is to live in the joy of our everyday journey.

Sometimes we just have to start our day off a little differently and be open to what comes our way.

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Soul Recharge: Full Moon in Libra

Spring is a time of rebirth, reassessing, and rejuvenation- and it’s also the perfect time to tap into your inner feminine spirit.

In today’s material world, we can quickly forget about how wonderful laying in the grass can be, how magical it is to sit by the water, or just to spend the day letting the sun hit our skin (without your phone, of course!)

Our divine feminine honors nature, her intuition, and the flow of the universe.

Today’s Pink Moon is the second Full Moon in Libra this year. Representing peace and harmony, Libra helps us achieve balance with both ourselves and one another.

We all need a soul recharge.

Self nurturing is one of the best and quickest ways to give yourself balance- to let go of worries, feed your spirit, and calm your mind.

Are you busy helping others, but neglect to cafe for the most important person- yourself? Remember to fill your cup before attempting to extend yourself.

It’s the beginning of a new era- one that is joyful, gentle, and embraces living in the now.

So get outside, shut off your phone, and set your innermost intentions: your soul is worth it. 💞

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