Self Worth Before Anything

Yesterday I was thinking about long-lasting change.

In a world where nothing seems to stay the same, what’s our constant? What can we always count on when everything else falls apart?

Then, the answer was clear: ourselves.

If we don’t love who we are and the path we are going, what is the meaning of life? How can we find joy in the simple things, and why would we keep going?

I’ve learned to take my power back over the years and stop letting outside factors determine my worth, my happiness, and my success. I’ve taken a long, deep look at who I am and discovered something pretty cool: I wouldn’t let anyone else tell me what I am today.

Before anything else, today I choose self worth.

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Christmas Presence

There’s no greater gift than being present with the ones you love.

Sometimes we lose sight of the true reason for the season. This holiday, I hope you try to remember how fortunate you are to be with those you care about.

Put away the phone, be mindful of the words others are sharing with you, and remember that all you have is this moment. As each holiday passes, we can take for granted the time we are able to spend with our family and friends.

Material presents are nice, but it’s your full attention, presence, and consideration that matters most.

I hope you have a very mindful and Merry Christmas. 🎄

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Solstice Manifestations

Lately I feel like I’ve been given the luxury of re-doing several aspects of my life.

Most recently, I began teaching again, only to accept a full-time job offer at a downtown Boston firm. Sounds a little bit like the beginning of 2018, doesn’t it?

This time, I’m doing things differently- and feeling grateful for these manifestations.

This end-of-year solstice has given me many opportunities to use what I have learned in the past two years, think differently, and act more mindfully. I’m already seeing my goals and dreams manifesting from the June solstice, too.

Back in June, I wrote in my planner “infinite peace and abundance” on the December 21st date. My perspective on life is much more aligned with what’s going on on the outside than it was six months ago, and it’s all thanks to my “inside job” work, consistent awareness, and a lot of practice.

Feeling very grateful for fresh starts, new opportunities, to let go, and allow divine timing to do its thing!

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