World Mental Health Day: Change Starts With You

Doctor appointments, visits to the dentist, a balanced diet, and exercise are all important factors in our everyday health, but have you stopped to think about what you’re doing for your brain?

You don’t have to have any type of disorder to understand that negativity, substance use, or a toxic environment can impact your well-being.

Today, October 10th, is World Mental Health Day. We may not think about it, our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Our society has done wonders in de-stigmatizing counseling, pharmaceutical assistance, mental illness, and addiction, but we’re not there yet.

Mental health awareness starts with you! Taking care of our mental state can change not only our own lives, but the lives of those around us.

Here are a few earlier posts of mine that you may like to help boost your mood, re-center yourself, and raise your energetic vibration. The world will thank you!

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Be the light! A healthy, positive person is contagious. ✨

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Move Forward With Courage

We all reach a turning point… but it’s up to us whether or not we look back or not.

Over the past few years I’ve lived in the past more than I’d like to admit. Romanticizing old lovers, behaviors, cities, and lifestyle choices, I remembered all of the good, forgot the bad, and failed to consider one important thing: I have a brand new future ahead of me.

We can take pieces from the past, but it’s important to move toward the future.

I have thought a lot lately about the things I wished to forget, acknowledging that my struggles brought strength. Despite writing about this subject nearly a year ago, I’ve made a whole new set of mistakes (which I now consider learning opportunities) by covering up my issues with a band-aid instead of speaking out about them.

We can learn from our mistakes, but we don’t have to dwell on them.

Today I am confident my purpose in life is to create, inspire, and to speak out about the topics others may avoid. I have faith I will be lead to opportunities that both set me free and help to give others courage.

Once you are on your own path, remember to have faith, stop doubting yourself, and have confidence in your creations. The light will show you the way. ✨

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The Spiritual Significance of Fall: Letting Go

Today I noticed the first orange leaves on the tree outside my window. As the crisp fall air breezes into my room, I felt a sense of comfort and coziness. There’s something refreshing as summer passes and we enter a brand new season: a season of change.

Not only do leaves fall, flowers die, and animals hibernate, we let go and move forward to make room for the new in our lives.

This newness is not just physical; it’s also emotional and spiritual.

So often we cling to the past, old behaviors, and bad habits because they’re familiar; even when they’re unhealthy for us. Autumn is the perfect time to have faith in the future and move toward the life you want to live. As I sit and write in my journal, I envision the projects I wish to manifest, the career goals I have for the future, and all the various ways I want to serve those around me. Autumn has been a wonderful time to start building, and to plant the seeds for the spring to come.

Life is bleak without fueling your passion; so as we let go of the past and the things that held us back, remember to have faith in your dreams, confidence in your creations, and keep listening to your heart. It will lead the way. 🍂🍁

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The Whole Truth: How Honesty Helps to Heal

I used to be afraid to tell my whole truth. I thought the truth would prevent me from being accepted, that it could hurt my career, or would make others tip-toe around me. I thought a stigma would follow me wherever I went; instead of being viewed as a strong, courageous woman, I feared people would look down on me.

Today I have enough confidence to ignore the people that do judge; today I know it’s their insecurity, not mine to hold.

I saw shame in having struggles with alcohol, depression, and anxiety, so I only told certain people what was truly happening in my life. Holding back kept me going back out- and in turn, hurting myself more every time.

I’ve been in and out of recovery since April 2011, when I first entered the doors of the “Dry Dock” in the Marina district of San Francisco. As I entered that meeting- a Native American meeting complete with sage- I was relieved to hear the stories of others and had no fear of raising my hand to share. Something about being honest in those rooms made me feel like I fit in somewhere- for once. However, my sobriety didn’t stick. I hadn’t had enough of my “yets.”

Since that Saturday afternoon, I’ve gone to multiple treatment centers, have gotten myself into trouble, damaged relationships, and have been to the hospital several times. I’ve fallen, lost jobs, moved cities, and scrambled for money. Still, I always managed to brush myself off, put the mask back on, and swept my problems under the rug.

This was always only a temporary fix.

Instead of beating myself up for these “mistakes” today, I am glad to have gone through the experiences- both good and bad- and to have the courage to share my stories with the hope that others don’t have to go through what I did.

I am grateful I no longer have to only show one side of myself or keep my story a secret.

I may have looked healthy, happy, and even “normal” on the outside, but don’t let appearances fool you. I still managed to get myself into all the trouble you could expect from someone with an alcohol problem.

Since opening up about my journey, I have received so much love from friends, acquaintances, and strangers both near and far. I had no idea how accepted and loved I would be by coming clean. Sharing my stories has been proof of the power of vulnerability.

Vulnerability is the ability to be fearless and free. We will never grow if we can’t step out of our comfort zone and be honest with both ourselves and others.

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