What is minimalism?

To me, minimalism is living a “less is more” mentality. Minimalism is freedom from whatever is dragging you down.

Minimalism is allowing yourself to focus on what is important.


Many of us fill a void in our lives through shopping, collecting, and trying to “keep up” with society’s pressures to have bigger and better, the next and the new. I found myself with boxes, closets and drawers full of things I could barely remember, let alone keep track of or use. Once I purged a large amount of my clothes and items I had collected over the years, I organizedĀ it all, packed things away and found a sensible place for everything to go. A huge weight was lifted when I freed myself of unnecessary material baggage and began to focus more on organizing other aspects of my life, too.

Minimalism is not about sticking to strict rules or guidelines; it is about simplicity, enjoying what you have, and focusing on quality over quantity.