Indigo Children


I’ve been reading about Indigo Children for several years, but I wasn’t quite sure if I considered myself one.  After more reading and reflection, there’s no doubt in my mind that I’m part of the Indigo tribe.  Born after 1978, Indigo Children are a wave of creative changemakers brought to earth to shake things up, go against the grain, and improve the world around them.  They’re known to have an Indigo aura, which is representative of the third eye chakra.

I gathered 12 common traits of Indigo Children– which do you relate to?

1. You’re a Changemaker

2. You Question Authority

3. You Reject Societal Norms

4. You’re Creative

5. You’d Rather Be Fulfilled Than Rich

6. You Have Difficulty in Service-Related Jobs

7. You’re Highly Spiritual

8. You’re a Lost Soul

9. You Have a Psychic Sense

10. You’re Prone to Depression, Anxiety, and Addictions

11. You Bore Easily or Have ADHD

12. You’re a Warrior.

Do you think you’re an Indigo?  I’d love to hear about your own experiences!

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