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More Meditation, Less Medication

In this day and age, there seems to be a pill for everything.  Not only are people running to their doctors for relief, the providers themselves are over-prescribing, patients are misusing their prescriptions, and often times, they become addicted to … Continue reading

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No, I’m Not On A Diet

Over the past eight years I haven’t quite accepted the identity of being a “sober person.” Yet.  So, that’s why I’m writing about it. My thoughts about it have wavered; at times, I was accepting of myself, and at others, … Continue reading

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Stop and Smell the Flowers: New Moon in Taurus

Happy New Moon in Taurus! This cycle’s energy is all about balancing work and play, giving and receiving, yin and yang. Remember to stop and enjoy the beauty all around you, skip down the street, and sing along to your … Continue reading

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Soul Recharge: Full Moon in Libra

Spring is a time of rebirth, reassessing, and rejuvenation- and it’s also the perfect time to tap into your inner feminine spirit. In today’s material world, we can quickly forget about how wonderful laying in the grass can be, how … Continue reading

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