The Awakened Woman

The awakened woman is not defined by other people or outside forces.

She already knows who she is- and she doesn’t need to explain it to anyone.

She is a force to be reckoned with.  She knows where she is going and isn’t defined by where she’s been.

The awakened woman sees beauty all around her, finds lessons in life’s obstacles, and embraces meaning in everyday moments.

She is a peacemaker, a warrior, and a leader.  She sees strength in her scars and shares her experiences to benefit others.

You may try to pull her back to your level, but she will smile and stay on her own path.

If you are on the same journey, she will welcome you along on hers.  She will inspire you, lift you up, and help you see the beauty you may not see within yourself.

Others may try to break her down, but this will only make her rise up more beautifully than she did before.

I am grateful for all the awakened women in my life.  Thank you for encouraging me to be me.

Five Ways To Live A High Vibe Life


I’m a big believer that life is what you make it.

Circumstances may not always seem to get better on the outside, but we do– we have the choice to change within, and to grow stronger from the challenges life throws our way.

There have been a variety of things that have helped my life improve over the past couple of years.  Happiness is cumulative; we don’t magically become content overnight, but each and every day we have the opportunity to add positive things that will build over time.

Start Your Day With An Intention

Having a mental map of what you want to accomplish each morning is important to start the day on the right foot.  Do you intend to be kinder?  Are you hoping to be more grateful?  Would you like to remain mindful?

Maybe your intention is small, but it’s important to remember it throughout the day.  It could make all the difference in turning a frustrating day into a beautiful one!

Eat Clean

Giving up meat and most processed foods has been a slow-go; although I have dabbled with going meatless for the last few of years, it wasn’t until recently that I took it seriously.  Boy, does clean eating change things.

My energy has sky rocketed, workouts are more enjoyable, and I’m doing my part to help the environment.

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

I’m proud to say I’m a happily sober person.  I used to begrudgingly tell people “I don’t drink,” but today I own my sobriety.  It makes me who I am.

Being substance-free has empowered my life in so many ways.  My intuition is keen, my health has improved, my mind is clear, and I make better decisions.  I no longer wake up in strange places, or do I say things I later forget.

Many of my role models, such as Brené Brown and Wayne Dyer, have written about the benefits of living alcohol-free, and how being sober has enriched their lives.  Why would I want to fit in with the drinking crowd when I could be helping someone who may be struggling by sharing my own story?  That’s badass, if you ask me.

Stay In Your Lane

This was the best advice anyone has ever given me.  When you get into the middle of someone else’s drama (especially when it doesn’t pertain you), you’re immediately sucked into their low vibes.

Sometimes we try and be “fixers,” and that’s totally okay- but know your limits.  It’s great to want to help people, but understand when it’s time to step back.

Gossip in general is low vibe energy, and remember- when you point the finger, there’s three pointing back at yourself.  Many use gossip as a bonding tool (haven’t we all?), but it’s some of the most harmful and hurtful types of bonding there can be.  Be mindful of the company you keep- are they benefiting and enriching your life, or causing you chaos?

Make Time For Joy

As you go about your daily commute, stop and smell the flowers.  Take the time to go in for that latte.  Play in the sprinklers.  Enjoy the sunset.

The most simple pleasures are sometimes to most beneficial- remember not to take them for granted.


The Geographical “Cure”

Over the years I’ve been amused by the responses I receive when I tell people the trajectory of my life since 2008.

They’re usually taken back by the number of places I’ve lived, the jobs I’ve had, and the reasons (or lack there of) I’ve moved over the course of a decade. They ask, “did you move for school?” or “did you get a job there?”

These seemingly justifiable reasons were never why I chose to move- not even once.

Truth be told, I went to school in Michigan, and life was completely fine when I left in 2008. I was engaged, lived in a beautiful suburban house, and had a job I was good at. Even though things on the outside seemed fantastic, I was lost and confused on the inside.

I was bored.

“This can’t be it!” I thought. So, for the next 10 years, I searched for the magic recipe to find contentment. I called off my wedding and moved to San Francisco. I quit my law firm job and ran off to Austin with a boyfriend. I went back to San Francisco. My drinking problems got worse. I got sober for a couple of years, and then was off to the races in New York City.

The stories continue…

What I didn’t know that entire time was that I needed to find my fulfillment from within.

There’s no bone in my body that regrets moving around so much, nor am I ashamed for all the things I did. Each and every turn in the road lead me to realize who I truly was.

I needed to live authentically to find peace. I didn’t realize I was being something different than who I was to make someone else happy, and that I knew my life was somewhere in the city- I just didn’t know which city that was.

When life gets hard, my initial reaction is to move, change things, or to run away. Today I am finally realizing that sitting still can make you stronger than you even knew you were- but most importantly, that your authentic self isn’t someone you want to run away from.