More Meditation, Less Medication

In this day and age, there seems to be a pill for everything.  Not only are people running to their doctors for relief, the providers themselves are over-prescribing, patients are misusing their prescriptions, and often times, they become addicted to their medication. Depression and anxiety are two of the most common disorders, which are treatedContinue reading “More Meditation, Less Medication”

A Stop on My Journey of Life

Life is a journey, not a destination. My life has been a colorful compilation of cities, jobs, career changes, haircuts, boyfriends, and even a fiancé in the suburbs. I’ve never been one to label myself- in fact, the only consistent label I’ve had is “writer.” When people ask what I write about, I tell themContinue reading “A Stop on My Journey of Life”

Simple Pleasures

The best things in life are free. The older I get, the more I enjoy time to myself, strolling the streets, and taking in all the beauty around me. As a city dweller, it’s easy to become conditioned to more- more action, more material things, and more excitement. However, with so much to see andContinue reading “Simple Pleasures”

Sacred Space: The Significance of the Number 4

Yesterday I had the day off for Patriot’s Day- a holiday celebrated in both Massachusetts and Maine- and decided to spend my afternoon recharging in nature. Although I was tempted to watch the Boston Marathon runners along Beacon Street, I knew it would be best for me to connect my mind, body, and spirit withContinue reading “Sacred Space: The Significance of the Number 4”

Positive People: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

“Stay positive” has been a common term loosely used in day-to-day life, often by people who say they’re positive, yet act the opposite. Although the power of our thoughts and words are a major component in personal growth, the way one acts around others plays an even bigger part in the Power of Positivity. PositiveContinue reading “Positive People: Actions Speak Louder Than Words”

Our Own Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

Over the past couple of years I’ve written numerous pieces on subjects such as the power of positive thinking, the law of attraction, and living a high vibrational life. I’ve had opportunities to teach others about how their own thoughts and words have the ability to manifest in their everyday life. I’ve journaled about myContinue reading “Our Own Self-Fulfilling Prophecies”

Believe: The Gateway to Self

German philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, “Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.” On this 12/12, I have been thinking about everyday magic and living in infinite possibilities. Keeping my eye out for synchronicities and signs, I have made a conscious effort to stay connected, grateful,Continue reading “Believe: The Gateway to Self”

Calm in the Chaos

Taxi cabs, loud voices, and the shoving of people in a crowd- it sometimes seems impossible to stay calm in life’s chaos. There’s two types of chaos I can experience in my daily life- the hustle of the city and the ongoing stimulation of others around me. At times, I would simply like to sitContinue reading “Calm in the Chaos”