New Moon in Virgo: Time to Fly!

The New Moon is my favorite time every month, representing the beginning of a new cycle and phase of our lives.

We say goodbye to the last chapter, welcoming the new energy before us.

Now is the time to spread your wings and fly.

Have you been thinking about starting that new project, taking a leap of faith, or working on something creative?  With this New Moon energy, you’ll be beautifully supported in your latest endeavor.

Listen to your intuition- what is it telling you?

From one of my favorite sites, Forever Conscious:

August has held the potential to be a turning point month so if you are feeling like your life could use some fresh inspiration or motivation, if you have been feeling a little stuck or stagnant or resistant to change, set an intention or take a small action under this New Moon in order to seal this energy into your life.

The cosmos offer the energy, but we have to be the ones to take it and integrate it into our being. This energy only exists as a potential unless we step forward and make the most of it.

Seeing as this New Moon falls in the sign of Virgo, we are also going to receive the comfort and support from Virgo’s totem, the Virgin Goddess. Although she is a Goddess, her energy applies to all genders.

You can read more about the meaning behind the Virgin Goddess in my Virgo Season article, but essentially, this is a time of independence and for standing in our truth. It is also a time for getting organized and getting our priorities in order, including our health.

What are we giving our time and energy to that is not supporting the vision or life we wish to create?

Creativity is a huge part of my life, but in the past I’ve held back from fully expressing myself, putting my work out there, or believing in my own art.

As I spread my own wings and take a chance, my spirit is lifted and my creations seem to come naturally.

I’m excited to see what this next chapter brings- and I know I’m supported in my journey.

Bracelets: Olivia Burton and MantraBand

The Geographical “Cure”

Over the years I’ve been amused by the responses I receive when I tell people the trajectory of my life since 2008.

They’re usually taken back by the number of places I’ve lived, the jobs I’ve had, and the reasons (or lack there of) I’ve moved over the course of a decade. They ask, “did you move for school?” or “did you get a job there?”

These seemingly justifiable reasons were never why I chose to move- not even once.

Truth be told, I went to school in Michigan, and life was completely fine when I left in 2008. I was engaged, lived in a beautiful suburban house, and had a job I was good at. Even though things on the outside seemed fantastic, I was lost and confused on the inside.

I was bored.

“This can’t be it!” I thought. So, for the next 10 years, I searched for the magic recipe to find contentment. I called off my wedding and moved to San Francisco. I quit my law firm job and ran off to Austin with a boyfriend. I went back to San Francisco. My drinking problems got worse. I got sober for a couple of years, and then was off to the races in New York City.

The stories continue…

What I didn’t know that entire time was that I needed to find my fulfillment from within.

There’s no bone in my body that regrets moving around so much, nor am I ashamed for all the things I did. Each and every turn in the road lead me to realize who I truly was.

I needed to live authentically to find peace. I didn’t realize I was being something different than who I was to make someone else happy, and that I knew my life was somewhere in the city- I just didn’t know which city that was.

When life gets hard, my initial reaction is to move, change things, or to run away. Today I am finally realizing that sitting still can make you stronger than you even knew you were- but most importantly, that your authentic self isn’t someone you want to run away from.

Loving The New You

For years and years, I tried to hold onto the Kristin I once was.

I romanticized old lovers and bad habits, altered the person I was to fit with the people around me, and questioned who I was to the core.  I continually ran from myself, jet-setting to a new city only to discover I was still exactly where I always was.

You can’t escape your soul.

The same people or places I tried to avoid would resurface no matter what neighborhood, city, or state I was in- they may have had a different face, but they were always the same.

Everything I tried to steer clear of would manifest in one form or another until I learned two valuable lessons:

  1. I needed to love who (and where) I was
  2. I needed a new perspective

I couldn’t change what was going on around me, but I could accept where I was at- but most of all, accept myself.

Since I started writing about my sobriety, a whole new world has opened up.  I have stopped thinking I needed to sugarcoat my struggles, and I am no longer ashamed of the person I am.  The quirks that make me who I am are ones I want to celebrate- not hide!

Maybe that “you” who you love isn’t new after all, but it’s one who is authentic.  Embrace her- she’s worth it!