Inspired by 12 years of lessons, love, and city life.

The arts have been a major part of my life ever since my earliest memories of drawing, creating handmade cards, writing poetry, illustrating storybooks, and living in the magic of nature.

Creativity has also been an outlet for me to express my emotions, from painting words in gold to my daily style.

My creativity has manifested in different forms as an adult, including the words and photography on Mindful in Style.

Whether I’m shooting outfit shots with a self-timer against a colorful wall or merchandising jewelry for designers in New York City, I have an eye for living beautifully, making old things new, mixing casual style with city chic.

Most recently, I have been inspired by the natural elements. Bringing together nature, creatives, entrepreneurs, and a conscious connection or life lesson is one of my biggest passions, even if it’s simply posting a photo on Instagram or writing an online review.

Whether I’m writing messages on rocks, painting on canvas, sharing my thoughts on the blog, designing apparel, or photographing the simple pleasures around me, living beautifully is a way of life.

Connecting to our mind, body, and spirit with purpose has helped me along my own path of healing, and my intention is to help others connect with their own innate awareness as well.

I look forward to creating with you!