About Kristin

Encouraging and empowering others to live a life of purpose.

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My name is Kristin Fehrman and I am a writer in Traverse City, Michigan.

I started Mindful in Style in 2016, six days after moving to Boston, to share my feelings and thoughts, all while learning to maintain inner peace in a chaotic world.

After leaving my life as a fashion copywriter in New York City that July, I had a spiritual awakening; one that caused me to learn to live mindfully, minimally, and in the moment. From spirituality to self-acceptance and sobriety, I gain inspiration from my own reflections, growth, and everyday experiences.

We already have everything we need within- and I’m here to help you see that.

My writing has been featured in Elephant Journal, Thrive Global, The Fix, Thought Catalog, and more.

This is my life through oversized sunglasses.