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You’re Not Alone: Our Stories Strengthen Us As A Whole

I’ve always lived by the philosophy that sharing our stories brings us closer together.

By being vulnerable and sharing where we are at mentally, we have the ability to connect with others spark a sense of hope- especially during these challenging times.

I chatted with Melissa Smith of 9&10 News about the golden rocks I’ve been placing around town, and how they represent my own lessons I’ve learned along the way.

There’s a blog post which correlates wrh the phrases, from learning to dream big despite what others may say, having faith over fear, and choosing grace over aggression.

People are often surprised when I share the stories of my past, whether it was about my impulsive cross-country moves, my battles with mental health, overcoming trauma, and finally living a life of recovery- but to me, it’s more about conscious living. Being present. Truly making the most out of life- and making the decision to live with joy.

As I got healthier, my choices became more solid, as well- because when I built a solid foundation for myself, I was able to maintain a much more mindful, meaningful life.

My stories can be heavy; but they’re freeing to tell. As I let go of the chains which used to hold me captive from happiness, I have also been able to connect with people from around the world.

My own experiences have inspired me to help others through my writing, art, and decision to become a life coach. I believe we attract the people and opportunities we are meant for, and being able to be vulnerable, open, and honest has allowed me to align gracefully.

This hasn’t been an easy time for many, but I want others to know I am there for them. Although I’m able to shine my light today, it took a lot of hard work, growing pains, and falls to get to where I’m at mentally.

A woman I met while in Mississippi told me a piece of good advice that I’ll never, ever forget- especially after all the times I made mistakes but remembered to rise again:

Fall seven times, stand up eight.

I didn’t know at the time I would soon move to Boston, start this blog, and begin sharing my stories of my falls, standing back up, and finding myself on the ground again. Although my path hasn’t been linear, I couldn’t be more grateful for it- because it gave me the experience and wisdom to help guide others along the way.

By Kristin Fehrman

Life through oversized sunglasses.

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