conscious living empowerment

You Are in Control of What You Listen To (and Believe)

In light of recent events…

Spreading fear won’t change anything.

It exponentially makes the fear worse.

Staying in and avoiding life isn’t sure to protect you from disease- but living in panic will never fail to weaken your immune system.

Consuming negative media, partaking in internet arguments, or spending hours researching what “could” happen not only is a waste of time, but it lowers your energetic vibration TREMENDOUSLY.

Before thinking you’re depressed, need medication, or drown your sorrows, consider what you’re consuming in your daily life.

Media. Negative people. Negative self-talk! You’re in control of what you fill in your mind- and how you can re-frame what you can’t avoid.

For now, here’s a soothing, unfiltered photo of today’s sunrise and a cup of black coffee.

Learn more about how you may be lowering your vibration.

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