Giving Yourself Grace

It’s interesting to see old friends and bump into people who have known you for decades.  These are people who have known me through my innocence, the good, and the bad- and they love me nevertheless.

From the shy girl growing up in Traverse City to the hard-partying 20-something, I am no longer hiding in a big city, unable to face my past.

I’m not ashamed of who I am or what I’ve done- I’m proud I have overcome challenges and have made it out alive, healing, and happy.

Despite the grit, I have to remember to give myself grace.

After all, I am my own worst critic.

Living in New York City and Boston gave me the experience of meeting new people, recreating myself, but most of all, learning to love myself and all of my flaws.  Yes, I have made mistakes, but I’m not that woman today.

I no longer have to run and hide, I can be exactly who I am and unapologetically myself.  I am a woman with a wide variety of experiences, pain, passion, and purpose- and I will use my past to build strength in my future.

As I continue to write this new chapter, I will give myself grace- no matter what the voices in my head may try and tell me.

I will remember it doesn’t matter what others think- the only thing that counts is that I love the person I am today.

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