New Moon In Aries: Take Yourself to New Heights


Happy New Moon in Aries!

Ah yes- a new cycle has begun once again.  It’s time to let go of the old, set intentions for the future, and open yourself up to infinite possibility.

The firey Aries energy supports us in lifting off to a new era- no more holding ourselves back.  Have you been thinking a lot about your hopes and dreams, but have resisted acting on them?

Now is the time to be bold- like the Ram.

We all have our moments when we question whether or not to fully walk in our truth, express our creativity, or pursue our passions, but with this energy, we will no longer second guess embodying our authentic nature.

For my own New Moon celebration, I treated myself to a new card deck- Cat Tarot!

Today’s Aries energy-fueled card of the day is The Star.  I love this tarot card- it is full of promise, purpose, and renewal.  The Star reminds us that although we have been through pain, challenges, or turmoil, we can bounce back from the past and shine even brighter in the days to come.

The Star is resilient- like the cat!

“Like Polaris, this card guides us to our personal true north. The cat pours out the water, perhaps to nourish the earth, perhaps to destroy the carpet. What matters here is the transformation (YES!). Things grow an change, and so do you. This is the path of healing, forgiveness, success. Carry on.”

What lifts you into this new era?🎈

Wearing Karol Peralta bracelets at The Lenox Hotel

Street art by Kelsey Montague

Card deck by Megan Lynn Kott

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