Owning Your Story

Over the years, I’ve come across many types of books; the glossy hardcover, the colorful paperback, and the leather bound book without a title.

As I’ve opened the pages, I’ve been surprised, entertained, and most of all, enlightened. Over and over, the contents of each book proved one thing:

You can’t judge a book by its cover.

Many people have looked at me over the years and made their assumptions. On the outside, I may be a blonde with red lipstick- but on the inside, I’m complex to the core.

I’m a woman with my own story- and you would see it if you opened the pages.


I’ve taken the past couple of months to reflect, write, and sit with self. I’ve spent this time away from social media, pondering what is next in my life.

It’s been a wonderful experience.

In 2019, I’ve made a promise to own my story, live with joy, and be proud of the woman I am becoming- and I look forward to sharing those stories with you.

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