Balancing Your Own Needs

Lately I’ve been having a difficult time balancing my own needs with helping those around me.

As I gain more insight, clarity, and health, I’ve had more and more people come to me for help. Whether they simply need a listening ear, company, or advice, I’ve become anxious and overwhelmed.

I want to be able to help everyone, but I’ve been putting my own self care on the back burner.

When this happens, I become snappy and irritable. I despise that side of me. When I take a daily inventory of how I reacted to each situation, I have become critical of myself, causing even more anxiety.

This was a huge reminder to set aside more time for my own needs.

I can’t lie, I’m used to being introverted and selfish. As an only child and single woman without children, I’ve often put my own needs before others.

I’m no longer willing to smile and put on a facade when I’m stressed out; I stayed sick for many years trying to be something I’m not. Today, I’m finally able to put into words what my own needs are, while still being caring and compassionate to those around me.

The past week has been a huge lesson in improving my communication skills, setting boundaries, and taking time out of my day to write, relax, and meditate.

Each challenge is a lesson, and I’m happy I acknowledged the need for more balance, less reaction, and knowing how to improve my state of serenity.

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