People, Places, and Things

If there’s one major disappointment I’ve encountered in my life, it’s this:

People, places, or things can’t make you happy.

Yes, instant gratification can fill the void momentarily, but it doesn’t suffice for lasting change in spirit. I know this all too well-

Changing cities

Changing jobs

Changing friends

Changing apartments

Changing boyfriends

Changing my hairstyle

Changing my wardrobe

…and the list goes on.

Over the past two months I’ve begun to truly “sit with self.” After figuratively burning everything in my life, I started over. Without the crutch of another person, place, or thing, I surrendered to “what will be,” knowing my own best thinking didn’t get me to where I wanted to go.

There was always that void in my life- a desire for more; and until I realized I didn’t need the apartment, the job, the relationship, or even a full bank account to feel complete, I would continue to want.

It was time to embrace that I am enough.

Stripping the life I once knew to rebuild a more fulfilling one has been quite the journey, and I have grown to appreciate each small victory that comes my way. I can’t plan where I will be in four months, but I know this:

If I keep doing the next right thing, my path will be presented in an even more beautiful way than I could have dreamed.

Just keep the faith.

About Kristin Fehrman

Live beautifully.
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One Response to People, Places, and Things

  1. Jerry says:

    Well said. Not always so easy to get our priorities right in life.

    Liked by 1 person

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