World Mental Health Day: Change Starts With You

Doctor appointments, visits to the dentist, a balanced diet, and exercise are all important factors in our everyday health, but have you stopped to think about what you’re doing for your brain?

You don’t have to have any type of disorder to understand that negativity, substance use, or a toxic environment can impact your well-being.

Today, October 10th, is World Mental Health Day. We may not think about it, our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Our society has done wonders in de-stigmatizing counseling, pharmaceutical assistance, mental illness, and addiction, but we’re not there yet.

Mental health awareness starts with you! Taking care of our mental state can change not only our own lives, but the lives of those around us.

Here are a few earlier posts of mine that you may like to help boost your mood, re-center yourself, and raise your energetic vibration. The world will thank you!

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Be the light! A healthy, positive person is contagious. ✨

About Kristin Fehrman

My name is Kristin Fehrman and I am a writer in Boston. I started my blog, Mindful in Style, to share my story with the hope of inspiring others to follow their dreams, discover their purpose, pursue their passions, and use their voice. This is my own story of living beautifully.
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