Expect Good Things

After a wave of anxiety, today I had an epiphany.

I thought about everything I’ve learned and written about these past couple of years and realized one huge thing-

I haven’t been mindful lately.

This past new moon solar eclipse seemed to shake things up for a lot of people, and I’m no exception. But as the Monday morning sunshine came out and I heard the birds chirping, I remembered how I much I need to stay in the present moment.

It’s so common for people to worry and anticipate the worst, but why would we do that when we have the here and now? If we can remember to expect good things, it would reduce so much anxiety, fear, and pain.

Over the past week I nearly forgot to go down and just sit by the river. I forgot how healing nature is, and how connection with animals and the world around is so important.

We all have our rough days, and I’m glad I’m pulling myself out of mine.


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