A Warrior, Not A Victim

As I sit in the park and read lovely messages from friends who read my last post, my heart is full of gratitude and joy. Many people had no idea what I went through growing up, while others completely related to my words. Knowing I was able to make those connections and even provide hope for others means the world to me- and is another example of how vulnerability benefits us all.

I would certainly rather have real people in my life- not those who are nice to my face and then laugh when I walk away. Ain’t no one got time for that. 😉

Nevertheless, I’m aware that I used to play the victim. I used to use my past pain for reasons to get out of things, to be aggressive, or for an easy excuse. Not anymore, though. I share my stories and the part I played so I can show other people that there is a new and better way to live life. When you hold yourself accountable for your actions, it sets you free.

Today I am a warrior, not a victim.

I have scars on my knees and in my heart, but it doesn’t stop me from running toward the light.

It has been fun to just go with the flow and not think too much about the content in both my writing and videos; thanks to a newfound awareness and compassion for both myself and others, I have simply been able to speak through my heart.

When you heart is open and you have a fresh perspective, a world of new doors open for you. Just watch. ❤️💫

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