Turn the Page on the Past- New Moon in Cancer

It’s the the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer- a time of creativity, love, emotion, and divine feminine energy.  New ideas and heightened intuition springs to the surface as we enter a new cycle- and it’s the perfect time to finally turn the page on the past.

We’ve all held onto those old thoughts, patterns, pains, and dense emotions that have blocked us from stepping into our true potential.  Whether it’s ego, fear, or old expectations that prevent us from moving forward, now is the time to move on.

It’s time to finally be you.

I recently followed my heart and decided to leave a job that no longer suited me; the office environment and rigid structure didn’t work for my personality, energy, or interests. In fact, a 9-5 never suited me- not once in my 11 years after college. Just as they say, “insanity is repeating the same thing over and over expecting a different result.” However, I had thought, assumed, and was told that was “just what you did.” I thought any other option would mean I failed. I thought that if my life looked different from other people, there must be something wrong with me.

I had an “ah ha” moment, though. During my trip to NYC a few weeks ago, I knew I couldn’t continue repeating the cycle.

I knew needed to stop wasting my life away now that I was conscious of who I am.

It’s amazing how embracing all the things you love remind you to embody the person you know you can be.

No longer with an office job, I spent two weeks writing, working on projects, reflecting, and being free. I discovered the things that did make my heart happy, received amazing insight from others, and began building on my creative future.

Now, with a part time job I enjoy, a writing career, and new coaching business, I’m finally feeling like myself again. Not that anxious, worried, insecure person who felt like a black sheep with something to prove.

It finally clicked- now that I’m using my gifts and talents to help other people through work, I finally feel empowered, happy, and in alignment.

So, what does this have to do with a New Moon, you ask?

There has still been that piece of me that wonders and worries about what my life will look like. I’ve beaten myself up for the past instead of looking at those situations as lessons, I’ve attempted to look too far into the future, and I’ve overanalyzed the outcome.

As I have said before, the joy is in the journey, and since I am doing all things I love, enjoy, and empower me, I woke up today realizing I don’t have anything to worry myself with. Instead of overthinking, I can simply go into each day with optimism, a zest for life, and feel confident everything will work out.

It’s strange when you finally get into alignment with the things that make your soul sing, but you’re still programmed to expect dense energy, be fearful, and worry. Today I truly do love myself, have more confidence in my creations, and know I have gifts to offer the world- I’m no longer being told to “tone down my personality” or “keep my head down.” I’ve had the courage to eliminate the toxic energies from my life, and now I’m doing the work to forget (or at least let go of) those negative words that crushed me.

Yesterday before the official New Moon, I journaled and set my intentions for this next cycle. Self love and acceptance are my major themes for this new cycle, as I must continue to love myself in order to serve and give love to others. I know I need to let go of my nervous energy and worries in order to be free- yet still accept my emotions when they arise.

Now is the time to be free- so open the book, turn to a fresh page, and know the future will take care of itself when you take care of you. 🌱

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