conscious living

It’s An Abundant World

This week has been full of surprises!

I recently connected with a hypnotherapist in Cambridge who had me on his community TV show these past two weeks. I know what you may be thinking- you went on television and were hypnotized? Were you conscious? Did you do something weird?

Let me assure you, it wasn’t a scary or strange experience at all- it was actually quite to opposite! We met beforehand to discuss the blocks that have held me back- such as self doubt, limited beliefs, and worries.

On the most recent show, we focused on blocks with money, abundance, and living a fulfilled life. For the first half hour of the show he asked me questions about what my world would look like if I didn’t have these blocks. He wanted me to share what I want my life to look like, not the limited life I thought I could manage or the life I deserved.

I was still holding myself back even when daydreaming about my ideal world!

It was amazing to learn how my own words or thoughts were preventing me from abundance. Once I learned this, he noticed how my face lit up when I talked about living on the beach, writing, being able to fly across the country on a whim to visit friends, and helping people through my work. There was a major shift when I realized I was still thinking negatively about my potential.

It’s an abundant world- and we all deserve and are able to live our very best life of happiness and fulfillment.

Instead focusing on the things we don’t want, we all need to learn to reframe our language to focus on the things we do.

This is a huge lesson for all of us. From limiting myself to thinking about what I thought I could manage in my life, he helped me expand my thoughts through imagining a beautiful, fulfilled world.

The video will be on YouTube soon, and I will be sure to share! Although it’s only been a day, I already feel lighter, more positive, and optimistic about the days ahead.

It’s an abundant universe- we just have to remember to keep thinking positive, believe in ourselves, and accept the gifts life brings our way.✨

When we believe in ourselves, the world around us will believe in us, too- so try not to limit your potential. You’re worth it!

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