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Lasting Change Takes Work

Throughout my life I have made a lot of changes. When times got hard, I used to think a quick fix, move, job, or another outside influence would solve all of my problems.

Let me just say… I was very wrong.

You know how the saying goes: wherever you go, there you are.

From my past 11 years of life experience, I know that phrase to be absolutely true.

Although I’ve tried to reinvent myself and make big changes throughout my life, I’ve learned that the key to escaping the same patterns is self awareness. Once I was able to recognize what I needed to change- the inside- I learned that doing things differently instead of running was the only solution.

It gives me a huge sense of purpose to be able to share my lessons with friends, family, readers, and even people I encounter in my everyday life. I have learned that no one can save me; for I must save myself first.

I passed a beautiful mural in Brookline the other day after I visited JFK’s birthplace (who is a huge inspiration to me), which made me remember how struggle brings strength. Each and every challenge we face is an opportunity to think differently, teach us a lesson, and to grow from the experience. The butterfly wouldn’t survive emerging from its cocoon if it didn’t struggle to fly; and that reminder goes for us as humans, too.

I hope you have a beautiful week and remember how strong you are, too- even when you don’t know the outcome or solution.

You’ll find your way.

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