Saturday Self Care: The Power of Positive Thinking

Good morning from the Mystic River!

It finally cooled down here in Medford- thank goodness! 🙂 As usual, I walked down to the river to enjoy my coffee and write. Whenever I feel a bit stir crazy or my mind runs a million miles a minute, there’s nothing like nature to ground me and calm down my thoughts.

It’s a busy Saturday here, so I wanted to start the day off on the right foot by stepping outside of myself and sharing some tools that help me tackle a hectic schedule, negative thoughts, or worries.

I have a few meetings today and wanted to put my mind in the right place before I started overthinking or questioning myself. We could work on ourselves each and every day, but we are only human. Focusing on what we are grateful for, what we like about ourselves, and what we can offer others is huge and makes a world of difference when combating any negative thoughts.

Let’s do a little exercise. Grab a pen, a piece of paper, and get your imagination ready. Writing never fails to help me set the tone for the day, and I’m confident it will help you, too.


  • Write 10 things you’re grateful for
  • Write 10 qualities you like about yourself

This seems simple, doesn’t it? You would be surprised. I have spoken with many others who have told me it’s a challenge to think of their positive attributes. Although this is so surprising to me (we seem to see ourselves in a much more critical light than those around us!), many people aren’t used to thinking this way.

Society tries to tell us we aren’t enough- that we need more money, more material items, more recognition. We are told our lives must look a certain way to be happy. We are taught as young girls that we are princesses, and a handsome prince is the key to happiness. What happens when we don’t get those things? What if a prince wasn’t supposed to save us after all?

When we realize happiness comes from within, we learn we must save ourselves.


Now, once you’re done, think about those 20 things above.

  • Write 5 things you can do to benefit others today.

Yes, helping others is a huge form of self care. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture; it could be simply buying someone a coffee or paying a compliment. It could be giving advice, being a listening ear, or helping someone with a chore.

No matter how big or small, kindness is contagious- and the world needs more of it.

I’d love to hear your own lists and how your Saturday goes. By sharing your own inspiration, you inspire those around you, too!

Have a beautiful day. ✨

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