Doing What You Love to Help Others

Like a cat, I have seemed to live nine lives; maybe even more. I used to think of my many moves, jobs, and experiences as a weakness, but over the past couple of years I have realized that it’s exactly the opposite- recreating myself and always landing on my feet has been a strength. Although I’ve been able to stand still and work on my issues as they arise, I have an entire tool belt ready to use for practically any life situation.

Today, when a friend reached out to me for advice, she brought up a friend of hers who has a coaching business.

That got me thinking.

I realized I have essentially been coaching people through my writing for the past several years. I’ve been trying to find a way to work with other women to help boost their self confidence, find their purpose, pursue their passions, and find their voice for quite some time now, but haven’t been sure how to.

From style advice to tips on making a cross-country move, I’ve been through a lot in my lifetime, and have always landed on my feet.

After a friend came to me for advice earlier today, we decided to start working on a program together. In addition to working with her, I will begin picking other people’s brains on what areas of life they’re looking to work on, and how I could help enrich their life, all while holding them accountable for self care.

So, today at the beach I began making an outline, taking notes and gathering ideas from what has helped me along the way. I’ve been through many programs myself- DBT being one of them- and I will take pieces of each that have worked for me.

Life sure is funny- right when you ask for a sign, you seem to get it. ✨

Learn more or set up a time to chat with me! Let’s write a new, beautiful chapter together.

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