Back Bay, Back in Style

As I strolled through the Back Bay today for inspiration, I couldn’t help but stop as I walked by a breathtaking building with beautiful doors.

I set down my bag, took a photo, and then thought, “why not jump in it?”

Now, this is what I used to do for years- when I started my fashion blog, K on the Bay, I never let other people take my photo. Since I got my blogger start in the small bayside town of Traverse City, Michigan, I never had difficulty getting the perfect shot, people-free.

Yes, nearly every photo I took on my style blog was a manifestation of my self-timer skills. When people asked who took my pictures, I usually just laughed.  How dare they try to learn my secret! 😉

Things changed, however, when I moved to New York City. People were everywhere.  I couldn’t get a good shot. I grew tired of wearing heels. Fashion girls were a dime a dozen.

My heart wasn’t in it any longer.

Something has started to change, though.

I realized I can do things my way.

After all, I stopped because I was scared I started to be like everyone else.

It’s been almost two years since I left New York City, and nearly three since I stopped taking outfit shots. Sure, I still dabbled here and there, but I shed my identity of “personal style blogger” when I hit the “delete” button on Tumblr the last day of 2015.

I think I’m ready to bring her back… mindfully, and in style, of course.

Instead of sharing clothes, I want to share stories, too- so in collaboration with my new project, Miss, I’m bringing back the Kristin I know and love so well- the K on the Bay, but this time, Massachusetts Bay.

Keep living beautifully, my friends.

Top: Sutton Studio – Goodwill, Davis Square / Skort: Zara, Goodwill, Davis Square / Boots: Primark / Bag: TJ Maxx (it’s vegan leather!) / Sunglasses: Warby Parker “Raider Wide” / Bracelet: Karol Peralta

About Kristin Fehrman

Live beautifully.
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