Summer Solstice: She Saw The Light

I have a very low threshold for doing things I don’t want to do. A very low threshold.

I’m not referring to things such as paying bills, doing laundry, or going grocery shopping. I’m not talking about the inevitable life factors that can be a pain or a timesuck; those things I can make fun.

That’s what “living beautifully” is all about.

I turn chores into fun activities. I make games out of road trips and people watch on a crowded train, all while guessing where they’re going and what they’re doing. On Saturday morning laundry day, I get a chocolate scone and walk around Tufts’ campus with coffee.

However, I don’t operate well doing things when I know there is a better alternative.

This particularly holds true to 1) dating, 2) jobs, and 3) friendship. Those things are choices. As we get more and more in alignment with our truth and authentic selves, fitting into situations that don’t meet our morals, goals, or personality can be dreadful.

That’s why I stopped dating all together. When the right man comes along, I’ll be happy- but I won’t search for it. He would have to be strong, and he would have to love me for me- not try and alter my personality, looks, or interests. I’ve been there and done that; and it certainly didn’t work.

Over the years I have had opportunities fall into my lap. I’ve met people when I least expected it. I’ve been in the right place at the right time, but I don’t fight it.

Why would anyone force themselves on a person or situation where they weren’t wanted or appreciated?

Half of the problem is because people don’t realize they have options. They don’t realize they have a free will to be themselves and make their own choices. I’ve always been the black sheep, but as I get older, I realize how much my family and friends love, appreciate, and accept me. They understand my quirks, and they believe in my goals. I may not be the same, but they love me for who I am.

Tomorrow is the summer solstice, and I felt the need to write this to confirm that I am stepping into my authentic truth. I can handle the challenges brought my way. I will start each day with a zest for life and an appreciation for all that is around me.

I will attract the positivity, creativity, strength, and joy that I am exuding.

The future is always uncertain, but with a clear head and open heart, the future will be much more bright when I’m in alignment with my soul.

About Kristin Fehrman

Live beautifully.
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