Embodying the Fearless You

If you were to remove all of the companies, titles, and associations from your bio, what would you be?

Do you even know?

That’s why I don’t put myself in a box.

No job, relationship, city, or self-proclaimed identity will define me. Yes, there once was a time I thought I needed a fancy title, an impressive address, or a successful boyfriend, but I have realized over the past decade that those things come and go. Without a solid foundation, the things you desire and strive for won’t survive- first, you must be at peace with yourself without all of those things.

I thought about this today as I stumbled across someone’s Twitter profile. There were about five companies and eight hashtags in their bio. Okay, that’s cool. They’re proud of it, and that’s nice. However, does this person identify with anything other than other identities that were created by society?

Twitter bios, or any bios, are an extension of your ego. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Now, this isn’t coming from a place of judgment, but from inspiration. It simply fuels my desire to continue to be fearlessly me. Even if I lost my job, moved, ran out of money, or had no affiliations, I would still have the most important thing of all:

A good sense of self.

No matter where life leads, I know I will be okay. Faith first starts with having faith in what’s inside yourself. đź’ž

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