conscious living self care

Self Care and Balance

I used to find myself focusing on one area of my life, whether it was work, a hobby, or a relationship. Balance wasn’t something I was used to; when I liked something, I really liked it.

This will ultimately lead to burnout, though. Learning the concept of “balance” over the past year has been extremely helpful, but also something I need to remember on a daily basis.

I’ve been feeling a little drained lately, so instead of trying to push myself, I’ve given myself some personal time to relax, sit by the water, write, and read. Instead of being on the go-go-go as I feel like I “should” (which is a dirty word), I’ve given myself permission to relax.

Sure, I still have daily obligations. But, I woke up early this morning to enjoy coffee in the park, music as I get ready for the day, and a little journaling to reflect on everything I’m grateful for.

Life sure is beautiful, so be sure to remember to take a little time out for yourself. 🌸

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