A Whimsy Girl

Life through rose colored glasses is so much more delightful than seeing the world in a palette of fear or an assortment of anxiety.

A girl gave me a Wayne Dyer book last fall called “Real Magic.” At the time, I didn’t truly understand what that could possibly mean. Sure, I read cards and collected crystals, but did I embody what this magic Dr. Dyer speaks of? Did I really believe everything my life was happening for a reason? Was I living a life of faith, or was I still crippled with fear?

Last September, when I received the book, I wanted to believe it… and though I may have written about real magic, I still had my reservations.

But then I let the past go.

That’s when everything changed.

Over the past few months I’ve been taking steps to get back into the mindset of that six year old girl- that girl who spent hours reading books, creating stories, and illustrating greeting cards. That girl who could entertain herself for hours with her mother’s makeup and grandmother’s jewelry.

That girl who wasn’t concerned what the people around her were thinking.

That girl who fed the swans in the backyard, made castles at the beach, and spent hours climbing trees and reading on the backyard swing.

That girl who believed in a world of wonder- for it was the world she wished to live in.

Then, I realized- living a life of real magic is a choice. Living with a zest for life and an excitement for what’s next, going with the flow, and accepting the order of the universe- that’s what real magic is.

Magic is all around, you just need to look for it. 🧚🏼‍♀️✨

About Kristin Fehrman

Writer in Boston.
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