The Final Season of LOVE: Vulnerability Wins

With a heavy heart, I’m sad to say I finished the third and final season of LOVE last night.

I started watching it on Saturday evening and told myself I would spread it out over a week or two, but I only lasted about two and a half days. Nevertheless, I am pleased to say it was even more satisfying than the first two seasons- and that’s saying a lot.

The best part of the final season is how they are both finally honest- even when it hurt. Yes, it took a lot of bumps, turning the blame on the other, hiding their true feelings, and encountering a crazy amount of ridiculous situations, but once Mickey and Gus broke down and let all the cards out on the table, they realized they could get through anything together.

No one is perfect, but understanding and acceptance are key. This makes me feel more at ease about my own life and relationships.

What would have happened if we would have just been honest all along?

I hope you take the time to watch this amazing Netflix gem- it’s uncomfortably relatable and a breath of fresh air. There are also more parallels between Mickey and myself than I can count, which is another reason I love this show so much. I hope everyone who watches can see behind the goofy moments and realize how raw, beautiful, and real these characters are.

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