Spiritual and Sassy: Life Doesn’t Have To Be That Serious

Throughout my life I’ve always felt connected to something bigger than me.  From finding playing cards on the ground to having four blonde friends with the same birthday, I intuitively knew these weren’t just coincidences.

My higher power has a sense of humor, too.

People ask me why I moved to Boston.  It sounds a little funny when I try to explain that my Grandpa Jerome (who was a mailman) sent me a sign by bringing a Massachusetts baseball player my way- a baseball player who also happened to be a mailman with a name similar to my Grandpa’s.  Leave it to my family to bring boy crazy Kristin a guy disguised as the reason to make a move.  I’m glad I listened; although I stopped talking to the guy, I’ve discovered endless reasons as to why I was lead here.

That’s how I make most of my major life decisions.  Communicating with my higher power and looking for the signs had never lead me in the wrong direction- sometimes it just takes time to figure out the reasons why I was lead somewhere.  Most people wouldn’t understand this or find it logical, but it makes more sense to me than any logical reason I could think of.

There are never any accidents.  The Universe brings you situations, people, and signs at exactly the right time.  You may not understand why at the time, but the Universe always divinely unfolds.  I like to think of these “coincidences” as synchronicity; when I notice these patterns, I know I’m in alignment with the Universe, guiding me in the right direction.  At the risk of sounding crazy, I used to be hesitant about writing about synchronicity… until I started reading more about spirituality.

Oh gosh, now I’m that spiritual person?

There’s always been underlying sass and sarcasm to my writing, particularly when I wrote for Broke Ass Stuart.  Snarky and silly, I wondered as I started writing this blog: do I have to be serious now that I consider myself spiritual?


I think there’s a much needed sense of humor in the metaphysical, new age world.  One of my favorite YouTubers, Victor Oddo, embodies this well.  His raw truth and wit is a breath of fresh air in the serious world of spirituality.  I appreciate the energy and authenticity of his videos, and his guidance has helped me through my own spiritual awakening process.

As I wrote about ex boyfriends and bad dates the other day, feeling a little Taylor Swift-y, I thought “am I being a bad person?”  I thought about this for a few minutes.  Of course I wasn’t- I was being truthful.  Authenticity is extremely important to me, and I’d be lying if I tried to be a zen-like saint.  We don’t have to be perfect people to connect with the Universe or bright light into the world; we need to be our authentic selves.  So whether you’re here to make people laugh or to throw out brutal honesty, know that you’re filling a purpose.

Life doesn’t have to be so serious, so smile, laugh at your mistakes, and live authentically.  There’s someone out there who will appreciate your own story- serious or snarky.

About Kristin Fehrman

Boston-based writer. Living beautifully at Mindful in Style.
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