Channel Your Inner Goddess: Weekend Reading for January 12th-14th

Exciting news- my new Goddess Cards arrived!  I was introduced to this deck last year, and it quickly became one of my favorites by Doreen Virtue.  I’m so happy to have a deck of my own!

Just as I do when I get new crystals, I got out my white sage and smudged the deck.  It’s always a good idea to clear the energy before doing card readings or crystal work.  I even sage myself, and swear by smudging my apartment often… especially when I’m feeling anxious or a low vibe energy.

A common theme of the past year has been embracing feminine energy.  Known for being intuitive, compassionate, and nurturing, female energy can be harnessed through using crystals to connect with the Heart Chakra- my favorite being Rose Quartz.  The Divine Feminine is always with you, even in a power-hungry world of greed and masculine energy.  It is so important to remember that femininity is not a weakness; it is a wonderful strength- and you have the ability to unleash your inner Goddess at any time!

I decided to do a three-card reading, describing the current challenge or situation, the action or steps to take, and the final outcome.  This Goddess Card reading is for the weekend of January 12th-14th, so let’s see how the cards resonate with you and your own year up until now.

Challenge/Situation:  Kali- Endings and Beginnings

Do you feel the strange new year energy?  I do.  I went into 2018 with feelings of happiness, optimism, and momentum, but quickly found myself back in a low-vibe slump.  Why?  Well, it’s never easy to let go; and just because 2017 is over, it doesn’t mean there still won’t be old challenges that arise in this new year.  As many of us go through a massive shift of consciousness and the collective “wakes up,” we must shed pieces of the past to open up to the future.  This has been a common theme in my writing over the past year, yet like a piece of art, we’re always a work in progress, aren’t we?

If you’ve been feeling a little high and low, don’t worry- these are simply growing pains.  This card is a reminder that the changes in your life are all for the best!

From Doreen Virtue:

“The old must be released so the new can enter.”

Various Meanings of this card: Your current changes are for the best / Keep your thoughts positive, as they’re very powerful / What appears to be a loss is really the beginning of a happy new phase / Let the past go / It’s time to move on.

Action: Artemis- Guardian

You are not alone, dear Goddess!  You are always supported, even on the darkest day.  Each challenge, beginning, and ending comes with a lesson, and each lesson makes you stronger.  Without struggles, how would we find our strength?

As the action card for the weekend, Artemis symbolizes the importance of connecting with your higher self, your angels, and guides.  Utilize crystals to open your third eye, such as Iolite, Amethyst, Fluorite, Lapis Lazui, or Clear Quartz.  This card is a reminder to take care of yourself; make time to meditate, engage in self-care, and watch for the signs.

Don’t worry- everything is happening in perfect Divine Order.

From Doreen Virtue:

“You and your loved ones are safe and spiritually protected.”

Various Meanings of this Card: Your angels are watching over you and your family / Your future is safe and secure / All your needs are being met and always will be / The worst is now behind you.

Outcome: Butterfly Maiden- Transformation

Of course this would be the third and final card!  What a perfect way to wrap up the weekend reading.  This card lets us know that change takes time, but each step counts.  Don’t lose the faith!  You’ve put in a tremendous amount of work these past few months, and soon you’ll begin to see even more signs of change.

Just like the butterfly, you will see yourself transform- so spread your wings and fly, but remember not to shy away from your dreams.  You grew those wings for a reason!

From Doreen Virtue:

“You are experiencing enormous change right now, which brings great blessings.”

Various Meanings of this Card: Don’t be concerned about endings, as they’re bringing new for you / Your prayers have been answered with this change / Let go of the old / Don’t worry about these changes- they’re truly for the best.

No matter what your weekend brings, remember how loved and supported you are!  Embrace your feminine energy, channel your inner Goddess, and enjoy the surprises that come your way.

About Kristin Fehrman

Boston-based writer. Living beautifully at Mindful in Style.
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