Open the Heart Chakra: Crystals for Love and Compassion

Instead of a resolution for 2018, I decided to add something to my life: more love.

Loving-kindness is absolutely necessary for living a balanced, happy life.  It’s not only important to be kind to others, but also to yourself!  Care and compassion toward self is the first step to filling your cup, which allows you to be of service to others, too.  It’s common for us to overextend ourselves or put our needs second, but just like an oxygen mask on a plane, you need to take care of yourself before you can be of assistance to other people!

I’ve been working on living life with more love instead of being cynical or guarded.  It’s a hard habit to kick, but gets easier as I heal and grow.  Equipped with a few crystals to stimulate the heart chakra, I did a little research on how these stones can benefit your health, healing, and heart.

Rhodonite: The Stone of Massachusetts

A few months ago I picked out a beautiful rhodonite stone at Seven Stars in Cambridge.  I chose it for its gorgeous pink color, calming properties, and connection with the heart chakra.  Ever since, rhodonite has been one of my favorite crystals, without even realizing it was the state stone of Massachusetts!  Talk about a happy coincidence.  Rhodonite is an emotional healer, helping with balance during stressful times.  This grounding stone also assists with letting go of anger, fear, and resentments.

Rose Quartz: Love and Compassion

Pretty and pink, rose quartz is a favorite gem for many.  With its soft feminine energy, rose quartz promotes peace and restores trust and harmony in relationships.  Encouraging unconditional love and abundance, it is an ideal stone for self-compassion, forgiveness, inner healing, and friendship.  If you’re looking to attract romantic love or strengthen your current relationship, place rose quartz throughout your home, wear as jewelry, or use during meditation.

Jade: Health and Abundance

Green Jade is a special stone- to the eye, the varieties can look very different, but each possess the same powerful healing properties.  Love, abundance, good fortunate, and prosperity are among the many benefits of carrying jade with you, whether you place it in your pocket or wear as jewelry.  This is one of my must-have crystals; it’s helped to soothe my mind, release negative thoughts, and calm my nerves.

Unakite: Nurturing Energy

Unakite is a lesser known stone of the heart chakra with a unique green and pink hue, reminding me of springtime flowers and parkside strolls.  Unakite is a type of Jasper that embodies strong, harmonious relationships and balance.  Additionally, it eliminates bad habits and negative thoughts and patterns- perfect for setting positive intentions for 2018.  If you’re trying to quit smoking or other addictions, Unakite is a powerful stone to help you kick those harmful habits.

Living a life with more love will help you live in alignment, encouraging harmony, balance, and giving you a sense of serenity.  Even if you’re used to drama and conflict, there’s nothing more freeing than learning to live with your heart.  Sometimes we resist happiness without even realizing it!  Once you let go of negative habits and emotions, you’ll find your life begins to flow effortlessly.  Keep following the signs, listen to your own inner guidance, and know you’re being supported!


About Kristin Fehrman

Boston-based writer. Living beautifully at Mindful in Style.
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