Spirituality: It’s Different For Everyone

It took me years to embrace my own spirituality.  In mainstream media, I consistently saw authors and motivational speakers on the spiritual path who seemed like marketing machines; it just didn’t seem sincere.  I used to avoid talking about my spirituality altogether because I thought it meant being rigid, happy all of the time, or living a life without flaws.  I assumed that if I identified as a spiritual person, I had to hold up some sort of persona.

Thankfully, that isn’t the case… and it’s exactly why I prefer a spiritual practice opposed to religion: it’s different for everyone!

I’ve learned that my flaws or growing pains don’t make me un-spiritual; they bring me closer to my own consciousness and help me relate to others, have compassion for myself, and learn valuable lessons to share with the world.  I believe we all have something spiritual to share, but we don’t have to concern ourselves with how it “looks.”  If we are in alignment with our hearts and are thinking about the greatest good of all, it doesn’t matter whether we are flawed.  We’re human!

I was also turned off by law of attraction thought leaders emphasizing the importance of gaining money and wealth, motivational speakers jumping up and down onstage, and spiritual authors claiming their lives are rainbows and roses.  Good news: we don’t have to be happy or perfect all of the time.  That’s a tall order, and personally, I wouldn’t want to always be happy.  There is beauty in the pain; spiritual or not, how would be continue to grow if we didn’t face challenges?  Spirituality simply makes the pain easier; we can put our challenges into perspective with more ease, grace, and self compassion.

It’s important to have role models who fit your own values and can be honest about how difficult their lives can still be at times- it’s about what we learn, not how “perfect” we can be.  I’ve found many YouTube channels, websites, and books that have resonated with me throughout my own path.  Spirituality is also about being content within ourselves and understanding there is much more than what we see on this planet earth.  Meditation and prayer has helped me connect to my higher self, tune in to my third eye, and receive creative inspiration.

No matter what inspires you, I hope you have support or inspiration to guide you along your own journey.  It doesn’t matter how you get there; what matters is that you’re on a path to more peace, purpose, and joy.

About Kristin Fehrman

Boston-based writer. Living beautifully at Mindful in Style.
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