Merry Christmas! Cards of the Week for December 25th-31st

Merry Christmas!

I hope you’re enjoying the day with family, friends, and a nice cup of cocoa.  Christmas is an important time of reflection, growth, and gratitude.  Remembering the reason for the season helps to ground us all and acknowledge everything we have to be thankful for.

It can be difficult to remember the real reason for celebration with societal pressures, consumerism, and mass marketing, yet showing appreciation for all of the love and blessings in your life works wonders to re-center yourself.  Try not to get caught up in the stressful aspects, and enjoy how fortunate you are to have people to share the day with!

Since it’s Monday and the final week of 2017, I decided to pull a few cards to guide us through these last seven days of December.  Using the Healing with Angels and Archangel Gabriel decks, I asked “what messages do we need to know to assist with ending our year with light and love?”  I picked one card from each deck to represent the theme for the week.  Enjoy!  I hope these resonate with you.

Angel Message: Power

Power has been a theme throughout 2017.  This type of power, however, doesn’t involve greed, rules, money, or dictatorship- it symbolizes the love and the strength we hold inside our souls.  Over the past year I have learned that we already have everything we need within ourselves.  With a positive mindset, pure intentions, and clear direction, we have the ability to manifest anything we want out of life.

Just as Glenda the Good Witch of the North told Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, “You don’t need to be helped any longer.  You’ve always had the power.”  So have you!  

Earlier this year I wrote about my own creative insecurities.  I had realized I’ve been hiding my own gifts for years due to fear, what people would say about me, or rejection.  Thanks to my spiritual connection, amazing support system, and readers, I am no longer afraid of expressing who I am.  No matter what your talents or passions are, never, ever let someone try and hold you back.  The world is waiting for you! 

Gabriel Message: Vision Board

What a perfect card!  December is a time to set intentions for the future, especially during New Year’s Eve celebrations.  As we shed the skin of our past and grow into the people we were meant to be, it’s a good idea to picture exactly what you want out of life. Is it a new home, career, child, pet, or partner?  Are you hesitant to ask the universe for what you truly want because you’re afraid it’s out of reach?  Now’s the time to stop holding yourself back!  Perhaps you are hoping to publish that book, move to a new city, or quit your 9-5.  Creating a vision board is the perfect activity to picture exactly what you desire.

There are many ways to create a vision board.  Traditionally, a vision board consists of a large piece of paper or cardboard with glued-on pictures, inspirational words, and symbols to represent your hopes and dreams.  When you put it on paper, you’re one step closer to manifesting your own future.

Last New Year’s Eve, I created a vision board for 2017… and (nearly) everything came true!  I hoped for healing and to embody a life of mindfulness, self-care, learning, and being content in the present moment.  Mission accomplished!  My goals have shifted a bit for 2018; and while I still will continue to live out the mindful lifestyle I created in 2017, I am finally ready to work on the details of the life I desire.  I’ve built a solid foundation for myself, and now I am ready for the next stage.  

Have fun with your vision board!  Grab some magazines, markers, and glue- you can also print out pictures from the internet or create your own art.  Most importantly- enjoy the process!

Pulling it all together

So, I couldn’t help but pull one final angel card to round out these two insightful messages.  How does one gain confidence in their power and acknowledge their intentions to be of the greatest good for all?  Let’s find out…

Final Message: Blessings

You are more blessed than you even know, my friend! As I pulled this card my heart warmed with gratitude, hope, and excitement.  Although I have set my intentions for the new year, sometimes I question how or when they will manifest.  This card reassured me that I will be taken care of; my higher power and angels are looking out for me every single moment.

If you had a challenging year and need extra help and support, your angels are there to assist you!  Don’t be afraid to ask for their help.  Even through the hard times, rest assured that the Divine is simply sending you lessons to make you stronger and wiser.  Let your angels and guides lift away your fears and continue to look within to tap into your power and desires.  When you’re feeling down, remember your vision board!  You have a very bright future ahead of you.  Meditate on your hopes and dreams!  Know that you’re loved, supported, and watched over.

If you have any questions or would like me to pick a special card just for you, send me a note!

From my home to yours, I hope you have a joyful day full of love and light. ❤️✨🎄


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