Live in the Light

Last weekend was much different than this one.  Depleated from a challenging period and sitting with uncomfortable emotions, I had little to no energy to pull myself out of my slump and face the day.

Something happened this past week, however.  One step at a time, I got out of the house, picked myself back up and began viewing the world in the lens of gratitude and light instead of the darkness of the past.

A good friend of mine challenges me to be fine “just as I am” and has been an amazing source of support ever since we met back in April.  Although my old patterns of behavior include covering up my uncomfortable emotions with “quick fixes” (social, material, numbing), I’ve learned many valuable lessons from her.  When times have gotten hard, I have historically found something to fill the void instead of looking inside myself for peace.

Meditation and connecting with nature has truly been life changing.  Sitting with myself is no longer as uncomfortable when I know I can step into the light, honor my authentic truth and connect with something higher; something greater than me.  I do believe the universe truly knows what is best… my own actions have only left me running in circles, looking outside myself for contentment.

I’m growing.  I’m learning to give myself compassion, and in turn, being able to love the beings around me with a little more grace.

That’s not easy in this world we live in.

She’s heard my stories of challenging roommates, lost jobs, financial struggles, arguments with friends and old relationships coming back to haunt me.

Her answer to all of my “problems” is always quite simple: 

You are fine just as you are.

As I continue to show myself compassion, learn from life’s lessons and grow a little each day, it’s become easier to live in the light, go with the flow and enjoy the gifts and synchronicities the universe brings my way. 

Is it easy to be optimistic and a woman of faith?  Of course not.  The good news is, you just need to live in the light one moment, and one day, at a time.

Hope you’re having a peaceful weekend. 🌿

About Kristin Fehrman

Boston-based writer. Living beautifully at Mindful in Style.
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