A Solid Foundation


I didn’t understand the concept of “building a solid foundation” until recently. Perhaps I grew up thinking good things just happened, or that certain people were luckier than others.  I never considered building a foundation of faith, spirituality, and believing in myself.  

A real foundation has nothing to do with what is on the outside.

I’ve learned that everything in life will eventually crumble if you don’t have peace within yourself.  After a difficult couple of months, I’ve been relying on faith, positive thinking, and my own foundation of gratitude.  Nothing, or no one, can provide the happiness that I need within my own heart.

Money, people and situations come and go, but you will always have yourself.  Society tells us that we need the basic essentials to live a fulfilled life: a job, a home, a relationship, and material possessions.  Marketing messages flood our minds, leaving us feeling empty, incomplete and unsatisfied.  Television shows I used to enjoy, such as “House Hunters,” leave me feeling annoyed with the homebuyers.  “Can’t they just be grateful that they’re buying a home in the first place?”  I know this is silly, but as I reach deeper into my spiritual self, the outside world confuses me more and more, and the material things seem so meaningless.

Today, I am manifesting a life of stability, safety, and serenity.

Ten years ago I was in the suburbs of Detroit, engaged to be married and living in a beautiful colonial house.  Instead of fulfilling my dream to move to New York City that summer of 2007, I moved in with an older boyfriend and started a job as a recruiter in Southfield.  My life was seemingly “set.”  We spent weekends decorating, grocery shopping, cooking, BBQing, and spending long days on the lake.  Yes, we even had a 30 foot boat.

I was miserable.

Although I never got married, I did eventually move to New York (and have lived in six other states, too).  I’ve worked a variety of jobs, had many different relationships, owned a variety of things, and have been many places.  For ten years, I was on an endless search for my “foundation;” until now.  I thought I would suddenly “find” happiness; I didn’t know it was already there.

You need to build your foundation within your own soul.

I’ve talked about running before- running from myself, people, places, and things.  After a very difficult and unsteady summer, I promised myself one thing: to stand still.  To sit in my discomfort.

To honor my feelings and build a solid foundation within myself.


3 Replies to “A Solid Foundation”

  1. I comment on most of your posts, and I will keep commenting because I truly relate to them and enjoy them. You are so honest and more people need to realize this. This is truth, and I like how you tell it. Many people think they have to buy a new car, new house, always have a boyfriend, etc. AND THEY NEED TO STOP! People like that are never happy, always running around, always chasing something, worn out, and constantly looking horrible. Their never satisfied, and their life is a mess. Thank you for this, I could go on and on about these topics in this post. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you SO much. I’ve been fighting so much discomfort and depression, but writing truly helps. I take the risk of sounding radical (let’s be honest: I am) every time I post something, but it’s comments like these that encourage me to keep going. I am glad you relate.


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