A Day to Be Happy


September is almost here, and I couldn’t be happier.  As I felt the crisp Autumn breeze against my skin this morning, I breathed in a sigh of relief after a turbulent summer.

August was probably my most difficult month since moving to Boston.  Over the past several weeks I experienced moves, deaths, job losses, personal problems, and fear of the unknown.  I festered in my own uncertainty and forgot something very important: to stay grateful.

However, despite the road bumps, anxiety and uncertainty, the good far outweighed the bad.  Everything I was nervous about ended up being just fine- if not better- in the end.  Each challenge was a step to strengthen my faith and to build a solid foundation for the next step in my life.

I need to remember to stop- and be happy.

You never know what will happen tomorrow, so why rob yourself of a moment of peace?  99% of the time the things we worry about never happen, and even the hardships in life end up working out in the end.  As I did my readings for the day, I came across this angel message, which was a comforting reminder:

Angel Message for August 30, 2017: Queen of Ariel

It’s a day to be happy! Focus on and look for everything that brings happiness. Archangel Ariel presents with a message, “you may see the truth all around you where others do not.” Use this message to inspire those around you who may be struggling with a situation. Express your knowing and bring comfort. Be sure to care not only for others but you as well! 

This message made me stop and think about how much my life has changed this past year.  I’ve been working on creating a solid foundation of spiritual stability, not material or financial success, which I have learned is crucial to keeping anything worth having in my life.  I used to expect everything in my life to fall into place overnight- where I’m living, working, and who I surround myself with.  These things take time!  The good news is, I have faced many challenging situations that have provided lessons for me to grow, strengthen my faith, and force me to focus on being present in the moment- and being happy with what I have right now.

Having faith was my saving grace these past few weeks, and I often had to go back and read my own words to bring my attention back to one of the most important aspects of life: gratitude.

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet, so right now I’m going to stop, enjoy the sunshine, and be happy.


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